Heading to the Amusement Park? Here’s Your Makeup Fix

I took my family to a local amusement park last month, and the heat wasn't on full blast quite yet. Now they want to go back, but the heat is cranking to over 100 degrees on some days. As we all know this wreaks havoc not only on our hair and skin, but on our makeup as well. I don't know about the rest of you but I can't go out without something on my face; tinted moisturizer, mineral makeup, something. If you apply any makeup and go out into this heat wave it will slide off your face in a matter of seconds. So what are you going to do? Just stay home and hide? No way! Instead there are some easy tips and tricks to keeping your makeup in place, even with 80 percent humidity and temps reaching 90 degrees and above. Simply give our tips for What to Wear at an Amusement Park a shot, and you'll be guaranteed to keep your makeup meltdown in check so you can enjoy the fun with your family and friends.

“True” Makeup for Trubies

If you're a huge fan of the HBO hit series True Blood (also known as being a Trubie), and you love makeup then hold on to your synthetic bottled blood because Tarte has recently released their True Blood Collection. We've got samples on the way for us to play with, so keep an eye out for updates on the new products. Until then here's a little info on what Tarte has to offer in the limited-edition True Blood Collection.

Tarte for True Blood Collector's Palette - 17 hot and "glamour-eyes-ing" shades of eyeshadow that will stop any fairy, witch, panther, or werewolf in their tracks. Plus a secret drawer filled with Lifted Natural Eye Primer, emphasEYES Aqua-Gel Eyeliner, and Lights, Camera, Lashes ! Mascara.
Tarte for True Blood Natural Cheek Stain - A perfectly sparkling red cheek color that will last from dusk till dawn, and then some. Let's just say that a little bit could last you an eternity.
Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence Lip Tint - This little chubby pencil packs a real bite, with a deliciously mint-infused iridescent red shade. It's perfect for every lip, especially if you want to bring out your inner Pam.
We think each product is to die for, pun intended. What do you think? Are you ready to embrace your Trubie side? Oh, did we forget to mention Tarte's weekly contest too? Each Monday they will post a question about the previous night's episode. If you enter, get the question correct, and get chosen then you can score an exclusive Tarte for True Blood prize pack. Yep, just for being right about one of your favorite shows. How simple is that? If you want to enter, and also see the new True Blood products, simply visit the Tarte for True Blood website. Just remember to watch for Marnie and her coven, unless you want your memory wiped as well.

How To Evening Look: How to Make Up Your Eyes in 8 Steps

When evening calls for a glamourous look, you want to focus on making your eyes amazing. Here are eight simple steps to making up your eyes for evening.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes
Here's How:
Prep your eyes with concealer Concealer can be used to cover up undereye circles or just the bluish discoloration just under your inner eye. To cover dark undereye circles, apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil and the third on the outer edge. Pat, never rub with your ring finger (this finger tends to have the softest pad) until it disappears.
Apply eye base to your lid Eye base is the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours. Without properly priming your lid first, your eyeshadow will likely end up a greasy line in your crease.
Apply shadow. It's great to use a three-toned shadow and build from lids to brow. Allowing them to blend into each other like a rainbow is gorgeous, according to celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. Sweep the color across the lid and up to your browbone. Follow with a medium color across your lid only. Build on this with a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors well.
Follow with eyeliner Dark eyeshadows work great as eyeliners. Wet a slanted brush, then dip in a dark eyeshadow. Line eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. Follow with liner on bottom eyes, but only line from the middle of the eye out. Smudge the bottom line with a Q-tip or your finger. You don't want a prominent line. For a smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along the upper lid and below the lid. You don't want a stark line, instead you want to blend it so it's 'smudge-y.'
Brighten your eyes with a highlighter This step involves only the inside part of the eye. With a gold or pink highlighter (white is too bright), draw a v-shaped shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend with your fingers. This will help make eyes 'pop.'
Highlight your brow Take the same highlighter and dab it on your browbone, concentrating on your mid-brow outward. Blend with your finger.
Curl lashes An eyelash curler will make even long lashes look more gorgeous. For added effect, you can heat the curler under a blowdryer for a couple seconds. Test curler before applying to lashes because you could burn yourself.
Apply mascara Place the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and wiggle back and forth. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Apply to bottom lashes as well.

How To Create a Smoky Eye in Three Steps

The elusive smoky eye look is one that every woman should know how to create at a moment's notice. A fierce eye can pull together your entire look, so having the right know-how and tools are imperative. While it can be difficult, it doesn't have to be. Learn a few easy tricks to make creating a smoky eye part of your comfort zone. Begin with a flat, slanted eye brush, meant for applying cake or powder liner, and follow these steps towards a sultry look.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Under five minutes
Here's How:
Wet your flat liner brush, and dip it into your black eye shadow. Proceed to line your eyes, just as you would if you were using an eye pencil, staying as close the lash line as possible.
Smudge your finger over your shadow, and proceed to "smudge" it on your eye lid, leaving the inner corners of your eyes alone. With your pinkie fan the shadow outwards. The naked corners will add dimension.
Finish off with a few coats of thickening mascara, remembering to zigzag upwards from the root of the lash to the tips.
When lining your eyes, be sure to wet the brush. You want to create a dramatic look, so inky black is what we're going for. Try it a few times before going out to gauge how intense you want your eyes to look.
Always start with clean fingers. I suggest using your pinkie, because it forces you to apply the shadow with the lightest hand possible, preventing you for going overboard. Start on the outer edge of the eye, and simply press the shadow onto the lid without going all the way to the inner corner.
Don't be afraid of the "smudge" portion of the lesson. It is the main part of creating the smoky eye. Experiment with different textures of shadow to know what works for you, and don't be afraid of using this technique with other dark shades such as chocolate, navy or eggplant.
What You Need:
A flat slanted eye brush
Black eye shadow
Thickening mascara

How To Get Smokey Eyes

You should always only play up one feature (eyes or lips, not both), then why not throw a great gloss on your pout and make your eyes look hot by using these great smokey eyes makeup tips?

Here we will give you a quick and very easy guide to creating a great smoky look, without having to be an expert makeup artist. Plus, if your budget is virtually non-existent, we will help remedy this by supplying tips for affordable color as well as multi-use products.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 6-7 Minutes
Here's How:
Apply your other makeup first. Skip adding concealer under your eyes though, since eyeshadow “fallout” will get trapped there and make your eyes look dark. Instead, apply your concealer after you finish your eyes. Also, make sure you get your blush in place before starting your eyes. When you have blush on your cheeks, it helps you to not overly makeup your eye area.
Prime your eye lids. You should set a good base for the eyeshadow to lie on, so prime your eye lids by using an eyeshadow base, or in order to save money you can use an oil-free concealer or foundation. After applying the primer, allow it to dry before beginning your shadow.
Apply a neutral colored base shadow. This should be applied over your entire eye lid, from lash to brow bone. Choose a good neutral beige that will basically blend in well. If possible, find one with a shimmer, not a glitter.
Line your eyes. Using a black eye pencil, line the entire eye, upper lid and lower lash line. Get as close to your lashes as possible, and use your fingertip to move your lid around in order to get the liner into your lashline.
Soften the liner. By using a small eyeshadow brush, or in a pinch you can use a Q-tip, gently go over the liner to help soften the effect.
Apply black eyeshadow. Use either the sponge-tipped applicator that comes with eyeshadow, or a Q-tip, to apply black powder eyeshadow over the now softened eyeliner. Only do the top lid for now, since you have not applied your under eye concealer yet. Once you apply the eyeshadow, use the applicator, the Q-tip, or your finger to gently smudge the shadow.
Apply your general shadow. You will need to choose a nice brown or gray shadow to apply to your eyelid area. If you can’t decide, go for one that is a combination of both, such as Max Factor MAXeye in Connoisseur(Compare Prices). You should apply the color with either the applicator or an eyeshadow brush, starting at the lash line and going to the crease of your lid, and ending directly under your brow bone. The basic effect will look like an oval when you close your eye, more or less.
Sweep under your eyes. Use a powder brush, or cotton balls, to sweep away any eyeshadow from under your eye area. With this done, you can apply your concealer and powder.
Apply black shadow to bottom. Just as in step 6, apply a black powder shadow to the softened eye liner, with an applicator or Q-tip, then smudge.
Encircle your eye with the general shadow. Using the shadow you selected for step 7, gently and gradually blend the eyeshadow into a circle around your eye area. This means applying and smudging the shadow under the eyes as well. Just make sure not to go too far under the eye or you will get the raccoon effect.
Coat your lashes with black mascara. Try using a good black mascara, such as Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Black, and make sure to apply 2-3 coats on top and at least 2 on bottom.
Check your work. Once your mascara is dried, check your work and blend any areas that stand out. Now is also a good time to gently sweep your powder brush, or cotton balls, under your eyes to remove any of the additional eyeshadow “fallout” from steps 9 and 10.
To save even more money, find a black eyeshadow that works well wet and use it as your eye liner too, such as Max Factor MAXeye in Precious Metals.
Don’t be afraid to use color, instead of brown or gray for your general eyeshadow. Dark blues and dark greens are always great to use for a smokey eye look, but also gives some fun color as well. Try to find one that goes with your dress.
To add a little extra fun to your lashes, use a black mascara as a base and then apply a colored mascara to the tips.
Adding a little shimmer to a smokey eye can be fun. So try a shimmer pod, such as Bon Bons, and add a little to the corner of your eyes, under your brow, and directly above the pupil on your lid.
The biggest tip is to remember to play down your lips since you played up your eyes. Try putting a neutral, lip-toned, liner on your lips and then a little gloss.
What You Need:
Eyeshadow base or an oil-free concealer or foundation
A neutral base shadow (a slight shimmer is okay)
Black eyeshadow (finding one you can wet can take the place of the black eyeline
Black Eyeliner (see black eyeshadow first)
A general eyeshadow, such as brown or gray (for fun use a dark jeweled color)
A good mascara
Sponge tip applicators, eyeshadow brush, or Q-tips

Prom's Here: 10 Makeup and Nail Tips

Even the most beautiful prom dress is just a dress without the makeup, nails, and other beauty treatments to accompany it. Prom night beauty involves much more than simply buying a dress, shoes, and accessories. To stand out at your prom, you will also need to beautify and polish yourself to perfection. Follow the makeup and nail tips below to make your appearance worthy of the red carpet on prom night.

On prom night, makeup can be a girl’s best friend. Makeup allows you to play up desirable features for a beautiful, eye-catching appearance. Even if you do not normally wear much makeup, it is important to apply at least a minimal amount to make your face stand out and cover any unfortunate marks or blemishes. To create an unforgettable prom night appearance, check out the four makeup looks below.

Bright, Sultry Eyes
If your eyes are your best feature and you would like to showcase them on prom night, choose this look for prom. When creating the look, begin with your eye makeup so that you can correct any errors or spills without ruining the rest of your makeup. Follow these steps:

1. First, rub a small amount of foundation into your lids to cover any visible veins and even out your skin tone. This step is especially important if you have a fair complexion.

2. Next, choose a bright, intense color to wear around your eyes. Lavender and purple shades are flattering to most skin tones and complement many different prom dresses.

3. Once you have applied the bright color around the eyes, use a softer shade for your lids.

4. Finish the look with a single coat of mascara on your top lashes. Leave your bottom lashes naked to prevent any smears that could occur during the night.

Because you are drawing most of the attention to your eyes, keep the rest of your makeup low key. Use a neutral, glossy shade for your lips, and a small amount of cream blush for a bit of color in your cheeks. Remember to set your makeup with a coat of loose powder for a long-lasting look.

Rosy, Fresh Cheeks
For an innocent, girl-next-door look on prom night, follow these steps to showcase your rosy cheeks and fresh femininity.

1. Start the look by using a small amount of foundation sparingly on any blemishes or uneven patches of skin.

2. If you have any marks that foundation will not cover, use a concealer first and set it with loose powder.

3. Apply a cream blush in a rosy shade to your cheeks, beginning at the apple of your cheeks and blending outward. Be sure to blend the blush well so that you do not end up with a garish, frightening look.

4. Apply a lengthening coat of mascara to your lashes. If you have light or sparse eyelashes, add a second coat after the first coat dries for a darker, fuller appearance. Then, add just a swipe of mascara to your lower lashes for a bit of extra length, but be careful to avoid any globs or bunching.

5. Complete the look with a glossy shade of lipstick in rosy pink or peach. Remember to keep a tube of your lip color with you so you can reapply, if necessary, during the prom.

Glamorous and Shimmery
If you have a glamorous prom dress or would like to catch the light and eyes of onlookers on the dance floor, follow these steps for attention-grabbing glamour.

1. Begin the look by blending a medium brown shade of eye shadow into your lids.

2. Use glittery eyeliner in gold or silver to draw a thick line just above your lashes. Extend the line slightly beyond the outer corners of your eyes for some extra glamour. Keep your eyes closed for a minute or two to allow the liner to dry and prevent any smears.

3. Add a double coat of black mascara to your upper lashes to make your eyes look bigger and darker. Then, apply a light coat of mascara to your lower lashes.

4. Use a cream blush with some shimmer or sparkle in it to add some color and freshness to your cheeks. Blush is especially important if you are wearing a white or light-colored prom dress that could wash your face out.

5. Complete the look with a glossy shade of lipstick that includes shimmer and sparkle. Your face will glow and catch the light all night.

Simple and Matte
You should choose this look if you do not normally wear makeup and do not want to overwhelm any of your friends on prom night.

1. Begin by drawing a thin line close to your lashes with light brown eyeliner. The eyeliner will emphasize your eyes a bit.

2. To give your eyes a slightly more open look, apply a small amount of cream or light brown shadow to your lids.

3. Finish your eyes with a single coat of mascara on the upper lashes. Add slightly more mascara to the outer edges of your lashes for a more dramatic appearance.

4. To even out your skin tone and decrease shine, use a powder blush in a light pink shade and finish with a coat of tinted loose powder.

5. For matte lips with just the right amount of color, outline your lips first with a lip liner and then fill them in with a lip pencil. Complete the look with a matte lipstick in a matching shade. Your color will last all night!

Hands and feet are often ignored during prom night preparations, but they should definitely not be left out. Pretty, manicured nails and soft, smooth skin are perfect complements to any prom dress. Plus, your date will be looking at or holding your hands all night if you plan on dancing a lot, and your shoes will likely be showcasing your feet. You do not want to show up with jagged, dull nails and rough, flaky skin!

Pretty Nails
Follow the steps below for a pretty set of hands and feet that will wow your date and friends and set off your prom dress.

Step 1: The night before your prom, scrub your feet in the bath or shower with a rough pumice stone to remove flaky dead skin and smooth any calluses or hard spots. This will keep your feet looking beautiful and feminine in your prom shoes.

Step 2: Once you step out of the shower, massage soothing oil into your feet and hands (such as almond or peppermint) after toweling off. For extra softness, try warming a pair of socks and gloves in the microwave for approximately 20 seconds. Slip the warmed garments onto your hands and feet and sleep in them. You will wake up with soft, smooth skin that will be perfect for your prom dress.

Step 3: On the morning of your prom, massage an extra bit of essential oil into your cuticles. This will soften your nails and prepare them for manicuring and polish. Remember to trim off any hangnails with a nail clipper (do not try to pull them off with your fingers!).

Step 4: Before you begin applying your makeup or slip into your prom dress, file your nails (both fingers and toes) with an emery board. If you have blocky, square nails, be sure to file your nails at the sides for a more oval, feminine appearance. You can feel free to file your nails quite low, as short tips are very chic and trendy.

Step 5: After filing your nails, use either a clear gloss for a shiny finish or a slightly pink shade for a natural look. Using only a little nail color will give you a clean, fresh look and keep the attention on your prom dress.

Dramatic Nails
If your prom dress is simple or you would like a more dramatic look, check out these tips for more flashy nails:

Tip 1: Think of your fingernails and toenails as extra sets of accessories. Just as you would try to match your purse and jewelry to your prom dress, you should also coordinate your nails with your gown. Look for shades that will complement your dress but still claim a bit of attention for your nails.

Tip 2: To create a slightly more glamorous look for your nails, try using nail tattoos or crystals. When you apply the crystals, be sure to use nail glue. Also, be careful to match the crystals to the size and type of any jewels on your dress.

Tip 3: For an artistic look, try painting your nails with stripes rather than one solid color. You can use strips of painter’s tape to mark off the stripes. If the painter’s tape idea seems a little too difficult, try creating your own unique nail color by layering on several different shades.

Tip 4: Make your look unique by using a slightly lighter shade of polish on your fingernails and a slightly darker color on your toenails. Perfectly matching hands and feet can sometimes be a little boring.

With the right makeup and well-manicured hands and feet, you should be looking and feeling beautiful on your prom night.

No-Fail Prom Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous on Your Big Night

Prom Makeup - - Top 5 Beauty Tips for Prom

The weeks before prom can be crazy. There's nothing better than planning your dress, shoes, prom makeup and hair. To make things easier, we've compiled the five prom makeup musts for this year's event. If you live by these prom makeup tips, we guarantee you won't look weird, boring or too much like your regular, everyday self for this year's prom. Have fun!
Prom Makeup Tip #1: Pick your eyes OR your mouth
The biggest mistake people make when putting on makeup is that they highlight both the eye and the mouth. You need to pick one or the other and downplay what you rejected.
How to pick? Simple. What do people compliment you on? Do you have Angelina Jolie's lips or Kate Bosworth's eyes? If you choose to focus on your lips, you'll want to go bright. Red is hot for prom, as are dark pinks. Just stay away from brown (leave it for your grandmother) and make sure you keep your eye makeup soft and simple.

For the right way to wear red lipstick check out this article . If you want to play up your eyes, go all out with liner, shadow, mascara and even false eyelashes (the ones that AREN'T obnoxious and outlandish). Just make sure you stick with light lips capped with a light gloss.

Smokey eyes are a great look for prom. Here are step-by-step instructions .

Prom Makeup Tip #2: Perfect your skin tone.
Perfecting your skin tone can be more important than eye makeup. But the secret is to make it look like you're wearing hardly any makeup. In this article, we show you how to achieve a flawless face.
While we're firm believers that few women under age 25 need foundation, if you have acne or an uneven skin tone, you'll want to cover it up with concealer and foundation.

To avoid the pancake batter look, only apply foundation on the areas of skin that are discolored or have blemishes (usually the forehead, cheeks and chin). Make sure to choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin and blend in well along the jawline.

Unsure how to pick the right foundation? Skip the drugstore and head instead to a department store or Sephora, where you can try before you buy.

Prom Makeup Tip #3: If in doubt, mimic a celebrity
A good trick for those of us overwhelmed with hair and makeup choices is to mimic a celebrity look. Whomever you're into, whether it be Mischa Barton (pictured right), Carrie Underwood, Kristin Callaveri or Ashlee Simpson, you can adapt their look for your prom.
Chances are a professional makeup artist did the celebrity's makeup. If you're having your makeup done at a department store counter before prom, you can bring along the picture for your makeup artist to perfect.

It can also be easy to do it yourself since many magazines name the products used on the celebrity. This way you can apply the exact makeup the celeb used. Here are some of our favorite looks:

1. Penelope Cruz's smokey eyes). Remember to keep your cheek color natural and use a very light lipstick. See directions for how to get a smokey eye above.

2. Sienna Miller's sweet and sexy look). Keep cheeks dewy with a pink blush and plump up lips with a colored gloss.

3. Red lipstick is a great look, just make sure to pick the perfect shade and go light on your eyes, otherwise you'll risk looking like a Cameron Diaz 'don't').

4. Dark-rimmed eyes, like Katherine Heigl's, are gorgeous. Again, a light gloss on the lips will do you.

Tear out a picture of your favorite celebrity and practice the look before the big night. Once you're at prom, no one but you has to know you're the OTHER Mary-Kate Olsen.

Prom Makeup Tip #4: Three things to remember when taking pictures
You'll have those prom pictures for years, so don't forget these three things:
1. Apply liner and lipstick WITH A MIRROR before you pose.

2. Powder your oily areas (forehead, chin and nose) immediately before the picture. Or better yet, keep blotting papers in your purse.

3. Find out how to stand so you look ten pounds thinner.

Prom Makeup Tip #5: What to bring in your purse
Every purse needs blotting papers (better than applying powder all night, which can leave you looking like a mime), lipstick or gloss, powder (just in case), breath mints and a small bottle of hairspray.

One last thing: Remember, a happy, fun attitude is your biggest beauty weapon. Who doesn't look beautiful when they're happy and smiling?
For 100s of prom hairstyles, check out this comprehensive photo gallery of prom hair.

Great ideas for hair, makeup and more

Holiday Beauty Tricks and Tips

Holiday parties are just around the corner and to get you ready to go from work to cocktail party, here is a holiday makeup tips interview I recently sat for.

What are the hottest makeup trends to watch this holiday season?

Two looks are classic and hot right now: The smokey, shimmery eye paired with light lips and the deep red lips balanced with a light eye. Shimmer is in this year, as it was last year, and it's the perfect festive look as long as you don't overload on the shimmer.

Can you recommend any specific lines or products that are very in for this season?

Primers are a must this season for both face and eye makeup. Primers go on before foundation or eye shadow and keep makeup in place for hours. They also fill in fine lines and skin imperfections so your tinted moisturizer goes on smoothly. Also this year, skip the foundation and try a tinted moisturizer which is much more light and gives a dewy finish, which is very sexy. Laura Mercier makes a near perfect primer and tinted moisturizer, though I've found the color tone I bought in summer is already too dark for winter!

Work makeup is, in general, pretty conservative. What can a woman do to punch up her look without taking it all off and starting over? (i.e. with lip makeup? Eye makeup? Blush?)

Transitioning from work to evening is actually pretty easy if you prep yourself. Apply tinted moisturizer (or foundation), mascara and gloss or lipstick before work. After work, cover any blemishes by patting in a concealer (never rub). Then follow these steps for either the smokey eye look or the deep red look:

For the Smokey Eye
1. Apply your eye makeup: Eyeliner on both top and bottom lashes (be sure to 'smudge it,' dark eyeliner will age you), a eye shadow primer (I like MAC Paints), and a shimmery shadow on the lid. Don't apply any more mascara unless your earlier application has rubbed completely off, otherwise you risk getting clumpy lashes.
2. Dab a shimmery blush to cheeks (I love Bobbi Brown's creamy blushes which also works as lipstick).
3. Powder your face lightly.
4. Apply a light lipstick or gloss.

For Deep Red Lips
1. Cover unsightly veins on eyelids with a matte eyeshadow in a color that's as close as your skin tone as possible (such as beige).
2. Apply a very light shimmery blush on cheeks.
3. Line lips and fill in with your favorite red color.
4. Powder face.

What different kinds of makeup should a woman wear to a chatty cocktail party, as opposed to a high-class late-night party?
For the high-class party: Apply more shimmer or go deeper with the red lipstick.

How can women wear these party looks without their makeup looking costume-ish?
The number 1 rule of thumb: Never play up BOTH the eyes and the mouth.

What can women to do make sure that the makeup they are wearing for a good 16 hours (8am-midnight) keeps looking fresh and clean?
Primer is key here. Women should prime their skin before applying foundation or tinted moisturizer (again, Laura Mercier has a great primer) and they should prime their eyes before applying shadow. Also, carry oil-blotting papers if you tend to get greasy, holiday food can be very rich. MAC has some great ones. It's better to blot the oil than to keep applying powder, which can give you a cake-y appearance.

Do you have knowledge of hair? What can women do to go from office professional hairstyles to party glam in a snap?

For hair, here are some suggestions:

1. For straight, medium-length hair, I suggest washing hair and blowing it 2/3rds dry in the morning, then twisting it into a low bun (a few unkept strands are very sexy). Undo hair before the party -- you'll have gorgeous waves. Spray with a purse-size hair spray. You could also do the opposite: Blow hair dry and wear it down during the day, then twist it into a sophisticated bun for the evening. A few ends popping out is very in right now.

2. For curly, long-ish hair, an 'unkept updo' is very sexy for parties. Let hair airdry in the morning, twisting ringlets in place with fingers. After work, pull hair up in a modern version of a French twist or messy bun. Another option is to pull hair on the sides back and clip in place with a fancy clip. This gives shows off your long curly locks, but accentuates the face as well.

> 3. For short hair, curl hair in the morning then freshen curls before the evening with a curling iron. Spray hair before you go out. You can do this in your office bathroom. Don't have access to a curling iron? Add body by back combing and hold it in place with a bit of hairspray. You can also accessorize with a headband.

Top Holiday Makeup Set Splurges and Steals

Makeup sets have to be one of the top requested cosmetic gifts, besides fragrances. But let's face it, there are a lot of makeup sets on the market during the holiday season, so how can you tell which one is the best bet? Here you can check out the top performers in the world of makeup gift sets, and you can find something for everyone no matter what your holiday budget.

1. Smashbox Enchantress Beauty Kit - Splurge
Smashbox Enchantress Beauty Kit
Photo Provided By: Smashbox
The Enchantress Beauty Kit from Smashbox may be listed as a "splurge", but you get $140 in items for only a fraction of that. The kit is a limited-edition and includes everything you need for any great holiday look. You get a mascara, lip gloss, duo cream eyeliner, a quad eyeshadow, a beautiful bag, and even a lovely triple strand silver necklace with wonderful silver pendant. All you need with it is your little black dress and you're on your way.
Manufacturer's Site
2. Sugar Cosmetics Best Friend Makeup Palette - Steal
Sugar Cosmetics Best Friend Makeup Palette

Sugar Cosmetics Best Friend Makeup Palette is jam-packed full of 31 color products, including eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. The great thing is that it's all in one little tri-fold palette, complete with a mirror and applicators.

3. Estee Lauder Holiday Blockbuster - Splurge
Estee Lauder Holiday Blockbuster
Photo Provided By: Estee Lauder
The wonderful, Limited Edition, Estee Lauder Holiday Blockbuster is here and ready to go. This is the ultimate in Estee Lauder sets because it gives you 15 eyeshadows, one bronzer, two blush, three full-sized lipsticks, two lip glosses, a mascara, eye liner, eye makeup remover, four brushes, a how-to booklet, a cosmetic travel case, and a makeup case. This entire set will only set you back $49.50 when you purchase any Estee Lauder fragrance. So, now is the perfect time to check out some of my Top Fragrance Splurges and Steals to help qualify you for the Blockbuster.
Manufacturer's Site
4. Cargo Holiday Nights Set - Steal
Cargo Holiday Nights Set

This beautiful little fabric box, filled with the perfect makeup colors for the holidays, should be on everyone's gift list. This kit comes with everything you will need to get the job done, and come out looking fabulous in the end. Cargo's Holiday Nights Set comes with a quad eyeshadow, blush, eye liner, and face and body sparkle. All you need to do is add a sample mascara and lip gloss and you'll be party ready in minutes.

5. Sephora Ultimate Blockbuster - Splurge
Sephora Ultimate Blockbuster

Makeup mavens, hold on to your train cases because Sephora has brought out their fabulous holiday Ultimate Blockbuster set. The only thing this set doesn’t come with is your own private makeup artist. The palette includes 71 eyeshadows, 13 cream eyeshadows, five blushes, one compact powder, 60 lip glosses, one lip liner, one eye liner, four brushes, three applicators, and a chic black case. Who could ask for more?

6. CK Delicious Pout Lip Gloss Mini Set - Steal
CK Delicious Pout Lip Gloss Mini Set

CK has a wonderful line of flavored lip glosses. This season you can get a set of the five best-selling flavors in a mini collection. The CK Delicious Pout Lip Gloss Mini Set comes with Cupid(cherry), Silverado(vanilla), Atomic(raspberry), Sparkle(strawberry), and Dew Drop(pink lemonade). The formula is vitamin enriched to make your lips feel wonderful, while giving you a great glossy put with a hint of flavor.

7. Bobbi Brown Lip and Eye Palette - Splurge
Bobbi Brown Lip and Eye Palette

If you have someone on your gift list that loves Bobbi Brown, then they will absolutely love this gift. The Bobbi Brown Lip and Eye Palette comes with everything that special someone needs for a quick and beautiful holiday (or everyday) look. The set gives your loved one four long wearing and creamy lip colors, as well as four beautiful and sparkly eyeshadows. It also comes with mini brushes for easy application on the go.

8. Too Faced Glamour to Go Set - Steal
Too Faced Glamour to Go Set

The Too Faced Glamour to Go set is a wonderful two palette makeup compact that can be carried in a purse, pocket, jacket, or just about anywhere. The palette gives the lucky gift recipient eight eyeshadows, four lip colors, and a blush. Plus there is a built in mirror so it makes on the go touch-ups a breeze.

9. Stila Blockbuster Set - Splurge
Stila Blockbuster Set

The Stila Blockbuster set is the mother of all Stila sets. It is stocked full of 21 Stila products, from Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer to Fiber Optics Mascara in black, and numerous eye and lip colors. All of the classic Stila products come together in a limited edition Stila black train case. It's a definite splurge, but it's one that will make that certain someone very happy.

Top 15 Mineral Makeup Splurges and Steals

Mineral Makeup is a big, especially for those that want to look natural while wearing makeup or just want a more natural product. No matter what the reason, the over abundance of mineral makeup lines available makes it all very clear; minerals are big and they're here to stay. No matter how your makeup budget looks right now, there is one for everyone. So look through the top 15 mineral makeup and find your splurge or steal.

1. Everyday Minerals - Steal
Everyday MineralsPicture Taken By: Faith Lawless
Everyday Minerals is a definite must-have for any mineral makeup lover. If you are a "newbie" with mineral makeup, it's a definite starter-line for you as well. Also, I think the very wide selection of color is nice so ethnic skin and women of color can try the makeup line too. I think Everyday Minerals is an all around great line, and the fact that the prices as set so low make it easily available to everyone. It's refreshing to see an all-natural beauty line give consumers quality products while keeping the price points low.
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2. Bare Minerals - Splurge
Bare MineralsPricegrabber
The Bare Minerals Getting Started Kit was fabulous, and even though the kit is approximately $60, it's worth it to have everything you need to get started with the line. Once you need foundation, you can purchase it alone so it's not so costly. Besides the price, I think it's a great makeup line to use daily, especially in the heat of summer time. It's very light weight and great for your skin. The kicker is that if you get too tired and don’t wash your face that night, you won't wake up with blemishes and clogged pores. I wouldn't recommend doing this nightly, but it's good to know that you can do it every once in a while and not feel bad that you're damaging your skin.
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3. Maybelline Mineral Power - Steal
Maybelline Mineral Power MakeupPricegrabber
Maybelline's Mineral Power makeup is a very good alternative to an affordable mineral makeup that can be found at any drug store, grocery store, or discount retailer. Don't let the low price and availability fool you though, because Mineral Power makeup is a fantastic mineral makeup line. The line is very diverse as well, giving you a choice of loose powder or a liquid mineral makeup. Maybelline also has a wonderful pressed mineral finishing veil that I personally like to use for a quick application by itself, when I'm in a hurry.
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4. Saude Pele Radiance Booster - Splurge
Saude Pele Radiance BoosterPhoto © Christopher Drummond
Makeup artist, Christopher Drummond, has used his training and skills to come up with one of the best versatile makeup items in a long time. His new product, Saude Pele, is not only a radiance booster, but a multi-tasker as well. The 100% natural, organic, and vegan powder is lightweight, beautiful, and it leaves your skin looking flawless. The kicker with Saude Pele is that it is versatile, so you can use it multiple ways. If there is only one new product that you can buy this year, Saude Pele should be it.
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5. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear- Steal
Physicians Formula Mineral WearPricegrabber
Physician's Formula Mineral Wear line is a completely talc-free mineral makeup. The formula is actually mineral water enriched, which gives the powder a creamy texture. With added vitamin A and E, this mineral is not only good for your budget but for your skin as well. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear is available in a wide variety of textures and colors, and can be found at any discount retailer in the country.
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6. Von Natur - Splurge
Von Natur MineralsPhoto Taken By: Faith Lawless
Von Natur mineral makeup line is a definite must-have, especially if you are looking for a line that is natural, organic, and vegan certified. The highly concentrated formula will give you more bang for your buck, since you will need to use less than the average brand. Plus, the powder minerals contain no moisture so you don't have to worry about bacterial growth. All-in-all, Von Natur Mineral Makeup is not only good for your skin, but good for the planet as well.
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7. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers - Steal
Neutrogena Minerals SheersPricegrabber
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers is a great all-in-one mineral makeup, since it has the brush attached to the container. The initial coverage seems to be somewhat sheer, but it is buildable without looking cakey. The Mineral Sheers is very easy to apply and it feels very lightweight on your skin. Plus, it is very affordable and the minerals are good for your skin, so what more could you ask for?
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8. Simply Karen Minerals- Splurge
Allure Collection © Simply Karen, Inc.Photo Taken By: Faith Lawless
Simply Karen is a definite contender for the top ten mineral makeup lines. The long-lasting wear of the makeup, along with the lightweight feel makes Simply Karen fantastic. Overall, the two best things about the Simply Karen mineral makeup line is the fact that it really is natural, and there is a very wide selection of shades. So no matter if you are super pasty and white, or are a dark-skinned bronze goddess, there is a matching shade for everyone.
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9. Mineral Fusion - Steal
Mineral Fusion Pressed BasePicture Taken By: Faith Lawless
Mineral Fusion offers a pressed mineral foundation that is very easy to use and leaves minimal mess when you use it. The great thing is that since it is pressed and in a compact, if you accidentally drop it the powder will not fly everywhere. The overall texture of the powder is very nice, which allows for a very smooth and natural application. Just as with some of the other lines, Mineral Fusion offers a starter set called the Fresh Face Intro Kit, which comes with a kabuki brush, two mineral powders, a bronzer, and a hydration mist.
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10. Pur Minerals - Splurge
Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Mineral MakeupPhoto Taken By: Faith Lawless
The Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup is an overall good product since it is formulated to fit all ages and skin types. The mineral powder comes in a compact, so there is minimal mess. The texture of the powder is very light and almost creamy feeling, and can be applied with a brush or with the supplied applicator sponge. The 4-in-1 concept gives you a mineral foundation, powder, concealer, and SPF15 in one product.
Mineral Makeup is a big, especially for those that want to look natural while wearing makeup or just want a more natural product. No matter what the reason, the over abundance of mineral makeup lines available makes it all very clear; minerals are big and they're here to stay. No matter how your makeup budget looks right now, there is one for everyone. So look through the top 15 mineral makeup and find your splurge or steal.

11. L'Oreal Bare Natural - Steal
L'Oreal Bare Natural Mineral Makeup
L'Oreal Bare Natural mineral makeup is a definite must-have if you are looking for a mineral makeup that works well, looks good, and is priced to save you money. L'Oreal offers their mineral makeup in a loose powder or a pressed powder form, but both come with a great little applicator brush. As a plus, L'Oreal's Bare Natural mineral foundation is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation because of the amount of sunscreen they are able to inject into the makeup. So basically, you can get a great mineral makeup that is extremely affordable, looks great on your skin, and also helps to protect it as well.
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12. Jane Iredale Minerals- Splurge
Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation
Jane Iredale Mineral Powder is a wonderful mineral line that is free of oil, dyes, talc, and parbens. The mineral bases are also very diverse since they can be used as a concealer, foundation, and powder, with an added sunscreen to boot. The mineral powders come in a pressed or loose container, and both are highly concentrated so a little bit will go a long way. The mineral powders are available in a very wide variety of colors, so finding a shade to match your skin should be extremely easy. And for those that prefer a liquid foundation, Jane Iredale also offers Liquid Minerals, which is a light-diffusing mineral makeup in a handy pump applicator.
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13. New York Color Minerals - Steal
New York Color Minerals offers a nice variety of colors, plus you can choose a loose or pressed mineral makeup. But no matter which one you pick, they both contain SPF12 and also come with a nifty little application brush. The mineral line also offers a Natural Veil Finishing Powder to complete your look. As a bonus, if you are just starting out in the world of minerals, they also offer a Smooth Mineral Starter Kit that has everything you need to get a natural yet flawless look.
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14. Terra Firma H2O and Hydra Silk Mineral Foundation - Splurge
Terra Firma has two really great mineral foundations for you to choose from. One is called H2O Minerals, and it's formulated through a "dry water" process, which helps to make your skin look more natural and yet flawless as well. The other formulation available is their Hydra Silk Mineral foundation that is very creamy and allows for buildable coverage without getting cakey on your skin. No matter which formula you choose, your skin will definitely love you for it.
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15. Avon Ideal Shade Smooth Mineral Makeup - Steal
Avon's Ideal Shade Smooth Mineral Makeup contains 100% pure mineral pigments and a really great price as well. This mineral makeup is wonderful for all skin types, is very lightweight on the skin, and comes in a nice variety of colors to fit all skin tones. Ideal Shade gives your skin a medium coverage, yet is luminous and beautiful at the same time. What a great time to call your Avon representative or order online as well.