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hotel isfahan iran : Parsian Kowsar Hotel Isfahan

Parsian International Hotels Co.

The Parsian International Hotel operates 22 hotels of five, four and three stars throughout the country.

The company was founded in 1374 under the name of the Hotel of Baniad and in 1999, the International Hotel of Azadi Hotel, and in 2001 it was named Parsian International Hotels Co.

Strategic goals

The company has always tried to introduce itself in two ways as a reliable chain in the region and in the countries where their tourism target market is Iran.

1) Improvement of the quality of services through market research and standardization in accordance with the needs of the target market and active participation in hotel and tourism exhibitions in the countries of the return to Iran, besides this important tourism and recreation centers which the Parsiyan hotels company subsection It is intended to create an office in France and Spain in order to establish a direct and logical connection with the target market and effective marketing and sales activities.
2) One of the most important strategic policies of the company is the improvement of the level of services and services. Through training, modernizing human resources, the use of modern hotel equipment, hotel restoration (Esteghlal, Kowsar and Ali Qapu Esfahan, Azadi Khazar, Sahifeh Yazd, Abadan) and ultimately added value through the use of the most advanced technology achievements in the hotel industry.

address : Iran, Isfahan, Mellat Street, The front of the thirty-three bridges

hotel isfahan iran : Abbasi hotel

The oldest guesthouse in the world is here. In Asia, Iran, Isfahan, Charbagh Abbasi; An unsustainable survival of the architecture of the school of Isfahan and the glorious era of the Safavid era; Abbasi's guest house, today is a 300-year-old building, located in the heart of the city-museum called Half of the World, and an extract of The unmatched art of Iran has paved the way for the land, acknowledged by both domestic and foreign tourists, prominent historians and architects, and considered by professional tourists one of the most beautiful hospitality in the world.

Rooms and suites
The Abbasi guest house has 225 rooms, suites and apartments, each consisting of a single board and two boards, a landscape and a campus, ordinary suites, a Qajar, Safavid, green, as well as two and three bedroom apartments, all equipped with Special safety systems are in accordance with the principles of international and international standards. The beautiful and beautiful view of the garden and turquoise dome of the Chaharbagh School brings an eye-catching, eye-catching view to the rooms overlooking the garden. Amazing decorations and Qajar and Safavid style architectures in some suites include interior design elements found in fewer hotels in the world.

This international hotel, which is one of the oldest hotels in the world, has 11 multifunctional rooms with capacity from 20 to 550 people for holding various types of seminars, banquets and receptions from official and informal officials.

sport Club
The gym complexes include a swimming pool, a steam room, a jacuzzi, a gym and massage services for fun and refreshments for guests.

Address: Iran, Isfahan, Chaharbagh Abbasi, Amadgah Street, Abbasi Guesthouse


Lotus Pavilion Restaurant in Suzhou

The Lotus Pavilion is a non-descript Chinese restaurant inside the Garden Hotel compound. It serves surprisingly good Suzhou and Yangtze River specialties.
99 Dai Cheng Qiao Dao, Suzhou
0512 6778 6778
Suzhou, famous for being slightly sweet and Yangtze River specialties such as fish.
Price Range:
Moderate – Inexpensive
Hours of Operation:
Daily lunch 11:30am-2:30pm. Dinner 5:30-10:00pm.
Additional Information:
English menu
Guide Comments:
I stayed at the Garden Hotel with my son and we were both tired after a longer trip from Shanghai than we anticipated. He had his dinner in the hotel room over cartoons (he’s three) and so I decided not to adventure too far away from the hotel. With him in the stroller, we popped across the main building to the Lotus Pavilion.
Uncrowded and poorly lit, I was a little worried it wasn’t open. But once we got past the dim entrance, things looked a little more lively. The menu is somewhat limited – a nice change from the forty pages usually presented at typical Chinese restaurants. I asked what the local specials were and was happily surprised with what I received. Sometimes Chinese dishes come dripping in gluggy sauces, but these dishes were all light and flavorful.
* Assorted sautéed mushrooms were delicate with just the perfect amount of salty sauce. There was a large variety in the dish – at least seven different types of mushrooms.
* Tender bamboo shoots came in a bed of thinly sliced red peppers and shredded greens, maybe chives or garlic shoots. The sauce had a nice, subtle flavor that let you taste the essence of the different vegetables.
* Stewed pork with sweet potato – with this one, I was sure there’d be a gluggy sauce, but no. The sweetest of the dishes, the potatoes and pork almost tasted as if they’d been candied. But the potatoes were perfectly soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. I skipped the fatty pork. This dish was good enough for dessert.
Bottom line: Lotus Pavilion isn’t necessarily a place to seek out but if you’re in the neighborhood (the hotel is very near the Master of the Nets Garden), it’s worth a stop for lunch or dinner.

The world’s most beautiful bridge

The world’s most beautiful bridge

The world’s most beautiful city

The world’s most beautiful city

The world’s most beautiful home

The world’s most beautiful home

Autumn in Canada

Autumn in Canada

Puerto Rico

Gameplay in Brief:
In Puerto Rico, players compete to run successful plantations, growing corn, coffee, sugar, tobacco and indigo. Each turn, players choose from several roles (e.g. mayor, builder, captain), each of which gives them different abilities. The goal is to use these abilities to construct buildings and ship goods efficiently, becoming the player to earn the most victory points.
For 3 to 5 players, ages 12 and up. About 90 minutes per game.
Puerto Rico was designed by Andreas Seyfarth.
Puerto Rico was published in 2002 by Rio Grande Games in the U.S. and Alea in Germany. It has also been published by a number of other game companies, including Albi, Tilsit, and Stratelibri.
Puerto Rico is an economic game with variable player roles. It also has a city-building component.
Also by Andreas Seyfarth:
About a dozen games designed by Andreas Seyfarth have been published, including Thurn and Taxis, San Juan (a card game based on Puerto Rico), Manhattan, and Airships.
Puerto Rico won the 2002 Deutscher Spiele Preis, the 2002 International Gamers Award for Multi-Player Strategy Game, a 2002 Meeples Choice Award. It was also my pick as the best board game of 2002.

Ticket to Ride: Europe

Ticket to Ride: Europe is for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. It was designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder.
In addition to a new map, Ticket to Ride: Europe adds three significant new gameplay elements to the original game: ferries, tunnels, and stations.
Ferries: Building a ferry route requires the use of one or more locomotive (wild) cards, depending on the route.
Tunnels: Building tunnels is more risky than building standard routes. When you play the cards to build a tunner, you must also turn over the top three train cards from the deck. If any of them matches the color you are playing, you must add that many of the same color from your hand to finish the tunnel. If you can’t, or decide not to, you take back your cards and your turn is over.
Stations: Playing a station allows you to use another player’s route to complete a destination ticket. Each player has three stations, Playing the first costs one train card, the second costs two matching train cards, and the third costs three matching train cards. At the end of the game, players score bonus points for any unused statiions.

Home Theater Nooz And Vewz

Shure E3c Sound Isolating Stereo Earphones – Product Review
Shure has been making excellent professional earphones, microphones, and phono cartridges for years. Now Shure has a succesful line of high-performance mini-sized stereo earphones that perform as well as many larger home and studio-type headphones. Last year, I had the opportunity to review the Shure E2c entry level stereo earphones. However, this year Shure has introduced the new Shure E3c mid-level pro-quality earphones. Check out my review of the new E3c.
New Slim Portable Toshiba DLP Projector (Akiba Live)
TIVO Skips Past Naysayers (CNET)
UPDATE – Disney Self-Destructing DVDs Rolling Into Florida (ABC News/Reuters)
Starz Encore Group Announces March 22 Launch of Encore HD (Widescreen Review)
UPDATE – EchoStar Makes Peace With Viacom (TWICE)
Rise Of DVD Players In Cars Leads To Cases Of Drive-by Porn (
EchoStar Loses Viacom Programming (TWICE)
Go Video VR4940 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
If you would like to replace that old VCR, but would also like to get a DVD recorder, why not get both. With the Go Video VR4940 you can have both a VCR and DVD recorder in a single unit. The VCR section is a fully-functional VHS HiFi stereo unit, while the DVD section is both a progressive scan DVD player and a DVD-R/-RW format DVD recorder with both analog and firewire video input capability. In addition, you can copy your old home-made video tapes to DVD or dub non-copyprotected DVDs onto VHS tapes. The VR4940 is great way to bridge the old with the new in video recording.
Manufacturer’s Site
Satellite TV Headquarters
Want to know the scoop on satellite TV? Then check out the extensive resources at Satellite TV Headquarters.
Featured in the Satellite Systems Subject Page.
4-Dish TV
Check out how you can get a DirecTV or DishNetwork satellite TV system.
Featured in the Satellite Systems Subject Page.
Need A Black Box…
I just got my first DVD recorder to go along with my TV/VCR setup. I’m looking for something that works like my stereo receiver which will allow me to hook the TV, VCR and DVD recorder together so I can recorder from TV to tape, TV to DVD, DVD to tape or Tape to DVD without anything more than fliiping the switch. Can anyone recommend a piece of equipment to do this that is not too expensive? Right now, I’m fiddling with wires when I want to do the taping and it’s driving me nuts!
Join in on the discussion.
About Cellphones
If you are confused about all the cellphone products and services, check out some great resources from Eric Bernatchez, About Cell Phones Guide.
From Walt:
I’d like to learn more about TiVo. I’ve heard I can burn movies off cable tv onto DVDs with it. Do you have info on it?
From Your Guide:
To start, check out TIVO’s website:
Basically, TIVO is a hard-disc video recorder with a built-in programming system for recording TV shows — however, for the programming system to work — you must hookup your TIVO to a phone line as well as your cable, satellite, or antenna.
You can record and store shows on the TiVO hard drive and then copy them to VHS or DVD whenever you want as you must delete the recordings off the TIVO as its hard drive fills up.
TIVOs have standard AV inputs and outputs just like a VCR or DVD recorder.
In fact, Pioneer makes a DVD recorder/TIVO combo unit that sells for about $1,100.
In addition, TIVO owners are generally very happy with the product. I don’t own one my self — but I have sold them in my past life in retail – and I know several people that own them.
The only negative aspect of TIVO is that the TIVO recorder has two way communication with “TIVO Central” – In other words, TIVO headquarters has the capability of know what you are recording and watching with the unit – for instance, TIVO central was able to determine how many times TIVO owners recorded and played back the Janet Jackson Superbowl performance.
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