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Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack

The Xiaomi backpack with a capacity of 17 liters and its three-layer design, made of Oxford fabric, is lightweight, waterproof and durable. It is a backpack that, thanks to its good quality, can be used in classical environments like the university or workplace.

Xiaomi Classic Business Backpacks
Unique Xiaomi handbags with a stylish appearance, and with great quality and durability, are the best choice for college, travel or work.
Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack with 17 liters capacity and 3-layer design, made of 1260D Oxford fabric, lightweight, waterproof and durable.
This rectangular cube has a simple, minimalist look and only two zipper pockets in front of it. However, it is ideal for spatial planning and the existence of different compartments, and it has not been spotted. You can place any typewriter or any of your devices, such as a laptop, tablet, phone, power bank, flash, auto, and notebook, or even keys at a special location.
Aside from all this, the elastic pocket is hidden on the side of Kiev, which is suitable for carrying bottles or umbrellas.

The back cover of the classic Xiaomi business is covered with EPE material, so feel comfortable when carrying a long backpack. Ergonomic design of Kiev is such that even after a day of carrying it, despite the heavy Kiev does not fatigue.
The strap S makes it easy to feel and reduces pressure on the shoulders. The belt designed behind the bag is specially designed to suit the suitcases and makes it easy to carry bags while traveling.

The luggage compartment is 15.6-inch wide, and its protective layer protects the laptop against the impact despite its elegance and lightness.
The Classic Xiaomi business backpack weighs just 700 grams and measures 40 x 30 x 5 x 14 cm. This bag is only available in black.

Xiaomi Traveling Bag

The Xiaomi Xiaomi travel bag is a quality product of Xiaomi for a tough problem. Its small size makes it easy to carry, and its zipper alloy is anti-rust and you can count on it for a long time.

Xiaomi Small Traveler Bag
Xiaomi's small travel bag is another charming Xiaomi product, a perfect companion to travel. This bag is made of nylon fabric with a checkered pattern, while lightweight. The zipper is made of zinc alloy and is stainless and of high quality.

The Xiaomi's small travel bag made of polyamide and PU coating is waterproof, anti-static, durable and durable, and can be easily used on rainy days.

The capacity of the bag is 2 liters. You can organize and organize your items in this fairly large space. When traveling, make cosmetics, toothbrushes, razors and other personal belongings in your bag and enjoy its light weight and order.

The ribbon handle, such as the bag, allows the carrier to carry and hang it.

The dimensions of the Xiaomi Xiaomi small travel bag are 15.5 x22 x9 cm. This bag is supplied in 3 red, light gray and dark colors.


xiaomi urban backpack

Do you get used to carrying bags or backpacks when you go out? If this is the case, we will propose an appropriate alternative to you. Xiaomi has brought back another backpack for his fans, this time in the style of urban life.
Maybe you want to give someone a gift! Where would you like to go with this backpack? Office, school or travel? In any case, the Urban Xiaomi backpack will be unique to you wherever you are.
It has a very nice design and has a lot of pockets inside it that is suitable for people who carry a lot of stuff. You can include a laptop, an iPad, a cell phone, a power bank, a headset, and many other gadgets in it. Xiaomi Urban Backpack is definitely a dream bag for people who love gadget!

General specifications
Dimensions 39cm 30cm 14cm

xiaomi turok steinhardt nylon polarized sunglasses

Weight 200 g

Blue, Gray, Golden

Xiaomi ZSH Antibacterial Towel

Xiaomi Antibacterial Towel made from cotton fiber, soft and soft skin that does not damage the skin, and with the help of Swedish raw material technology to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, this makes it a long-lasting bottle of toast Stay and smell bad.

Antibacterial Towel ZSH Xiaomi

Antibacterial Towel ZSH Xiaomi is made of high-strength cotton fiber that is soft and delicate and skin-friendly. The Swedish antibacterial technology and materials used in the towel fabric, without damaging the skin, effectively inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria or create a bad smell.

The ZSH towel absorption capacity is extraordinary, and can quickly dry your hair. The percentage of absorption of this towel is 6 times higher than similar products.

The technology used in cotton fibers brings the softness of the towel to the optimal level without the need to add softening materials. This product is fully environmentally friendly and has no chemical composition in its construction.

The texture of the towel is two-sided and its bright color has a youthful sense of energy. Packing Towel Akband ensures its cleanliness before use. Start your beautiful day with Xiaomi products every morning!

ZSH Xiaomi anti-bacterial towel is 130 g and its dimensions are 76 x 34 cm. The product comes in five bright blue, green, orange, purple and white colors.

Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike

250W high speed engine
Panasonic lithium battery 18650
Distance traveled with a charge of 45 km
Torque measurement sensor
3-speed hydraulic

A complete combination of manpower and electricity

Data monitoring - Speed, distance, dynamic power, calorie intake

Xiaomi Electric Bike, Intelligent Bike, This smart bike has an app that gives you complete information when riding a bike.

Torque sensors help make city trip easy and fun

The idbike torque measurement (TMM) intelligently measures applied torque and adjusts the power based on your pedaling.

Torque sensor is a sensor that adjusts engine power based on the power of cycling.

Relaxing and fun, a unique riding experience

Panasonic 18650 20X 2900mAh Li-ion battery cell (similar battery used in Tesla) has Battery Development System (BMS), which allows you to get 45km of charge at a single charge.

Battery Management System

Detailed display for each battery cell (voltage, temperature, charging / discharge time)

Co-ordination between battery cells to respond to output. Protecting the chip and drain

Hydraulic gear Shimano Nexus3

If the bike is out of battery? You can enjoy biking with Shimano Gear Shifters. Easier gear moves up or down at the top.

Powerful engine

High speed motor with 250 watts

Compared to an ordinary engine, the high speed 250 watt integrated motor features tiny magnetic features, faster acceleration, lighter weight, and more comfortable cycling in the mountains.

MC (Motor Controller) Determine the amount of power required by the manpower

Qicycle has a bicycle computer so you can check all the fitness parameters like burning calories, distance from travel, speed and more!

The computer can help bicyclists control the power of monitoring data between four types of power: dynamic power, speed, distance, calorie intake, data synchronization with your mobile phone.

Power control mode
Supervision of riding data
Health monitoring
Data storage
Four different power modes

Fitness model
Ordinary bike without electricity. For sports, fitness, sports, riding.

Economic model
The electric force forces the manpower to move

50% energy consumption

Low power, long mileage.

Balanced mode

"Zoom" 100% electrical power and human balance.

Advanced mode

"Zoom" 150%

Suitable for climbing, climbing or riding fast.

The application shows detailed information

Detailed information through the phone application - Bicycle status, GPS navigation, Bike statistics

A unique smart app can read data stored on the computer and synchronize with the cloud.

This allows you to easily see the state of health and vehicle status. In addition, navigation function can also be easy and relaxing.

Portable folding design

Lightweight aluminum frame design, with a high-capacity lithium battery and an engine, the folding bike weighs only 14.5 kg.

With Qicycle you can easily put your bike in the trunk of your car and easily transport it.

The nature of urban travel art is not in appearance. While not getting stuck in traffic, enjoy Flying Electric with lightweight and flexible bikes.

Xiaomi Yueli Portable Hair Massage Ionic Comb

Xiaomi yueli Hair Brush

Another health product of Xiaomi, human hair naturally with + ions + - When you hair your hair after washing, hair ions disappear and hair is disturbed (Wiz). To avoid such a problem, Xiaomi has a new approach. With Xiaomi hair brush, you can easily brush your hair and prevent it from dry and rough.

Xiaomi Water-resistant Padded 26L Travel Business Backpack

If you are looking for a large backpack, this Xiaomi backpack is your solution. The right size and a large number of pockets are the key features of this backpack.

Xiaomi Traveler Backpack

Xiaomi travel backpack, a handy travel companion to discover the new world!
The capacity of the 26-liter hull is enough to accommodate the Xiaomi hub. Take Xiaomi's backpack for 2 to 3 days trips. The design of the range of 15.6-inch laptops meets the needs of your daily life.
Xiaomi Travel Backpack with Exterior Oxide 650D Waterproof Polyester Fabric is durable, anti-scratch and lightweight. You can carry your backpack with a comfortable, fun, or rainy ride, not only will your equipment be safe, but the backpack itself will not be damaged.
The large 26-liter Xiaomi travel backpack, with a carrying capacity of 30kg, can easily hold a 15.6-inch laptop along with other accessories. The ergonomic strap with rear pad brings more comfort to carry heavy vehicles. In addition to the backpack, there's also a waistband for easy carrying with luggage.
The inside of the bag, like its exterior, has a beautiful design. Multiple pockets of different sizes, suitable for categorizing various items such as PowerBank, Smartphone, Tablet or even pencil and auto-in-the-box.
The Xiaomi travel backpack is light, simple and comfortable to meet the needs of both short trips and on business days.
The weight of this bag is 1.2 kilograms and its dimensions are 32.5 x 18 x 44 centimeters. The Xiaomi travel backpack is only available in black.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Chest Bag

The right size, high quality, single-sided, is one of the features of this Xiaomi doll. The modern design makes the model more youthful thanks to the Xiaomi backpack.

Xiaomi multifunctional multi-task bag

The Xiaomi Xiaomi multifunctional bag with a new design and high quality is another great product of this company. This modern bag is made of polyester, high quality, and scratch resistant polyester.
The nylon strap is durable, yet soft, and easy to adjust. The ergonomics of the strap is in a way that is well placed on the shoulder. The doggie lets you easily adjust the length of the strap to suit your clothing. The bag is designed to be placed on the back of the shoulder or in front of your body.
The Xiaomi single-action multifunctional bag is lightweight and has a size of 4 liters. The pouch of the bag is also designed and categorized as its elegant, elegant appearance: Separate and suitable spaces for various appliances such as cellphones, tablets, wallets, ID cards, keys and other personal belongings. You can put your 7-inch tablet in a cool place in a special compartment inside the bag, so the tablet will be safe from any damage.
The design of the zipper on the bag is beautiful and while protecting your items well and preventing them from falling, it does not appear on the look of the bag, and only a simple line is visible.
The Xiaomi multifunctional multicolored cotton fabric is waterproof and this also prevents the dirtyness of the bag.
The dimensions of this bag are 17.5 x8x32 cm and weigh 345 grams. The Xiaomi multi-function multi-task bag is presented in two colors: Tusky and Coal.
The elegant and unique design of the bag, light weight and easy to carry, has made the bag a favorite product of the youth.

Xiaomi MiJia Metal Signature Pen

The Miyji Xiaomi automaton in its previous design had a soft plastic body, which was of high quality but not luxurious, this time, Xiaomi introduced a metallic and glossy self-assembly that suits every prestige, so that the troublesome person would like it too.

Metal Meijia Xiaomi

The Meijia Xiaomi automotive is similar to the previous model, with a standard size pen with a length of 14.3 cm and a diameter of 9.5 mm. This time, to add weight, Xiaomi has used aluminum alloy. The auto-metal Mi is located under the sandblast anodized process, which doubles the beauty. The pen with a durable anti-corrosion coating looks beautiful.

Inner rod and automatic ink, designed by the famous Swiss company PREMEC, which is used in this product. This part of tungsten carbide is made and easily jams on paper without any hassle. Its essence is Japanese and Mikuni is a fast, dry product that prevents spreading and staining. In addition, the stylus is interchangeable (metallic inkjet Mijia Xiaomi). The auto head is very elegant and accurate and features a 180 degree rotary stylus still there. The method of automatic opening is still rotational.

The Meijia Xiaomi auto mechanically is almost the same as the Meijia Xiaomi auto with a metal body and a better precision. The auto-metal Mi has two colors: golden and silver.

Xiaomi MiJia Pen

Xiaomi MiJia Pen

A deluxe, quality and very soft product, made from a beautiful Xiaomi

It has an extraordinary quality, and the ink is never released, the quality of writing is high and it will be the best gift for the wicked problem.

The beautiful Meijia Xiaomi auto only has a thickness of 9 millimeters.

This thickness is suitable for long-term writing and makes it hard to miss the long writing.

The length of the car is 14 cm and its weight is only 20 g.

Auto ink is interchangeable and does not expire in the short time due to its special design.

Xiaomi auto made of polycarbonate made in white and black colors.

The Swiss auto car has its own Japanese ink, the automatic slip on the paper is very fluid and does not require any compression.

The design is auto-free and it's enough to turn the auto-end 120 degrees to get the tip off automatically and ready to be written.

The ink does not dry at a time when it is not used for a long time, and there's no worry about it.