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Uraman Village is the center of Orumanat Village and is located in the southwest of Saravabad city. Uraman village houses are generally made of stone and often made in China (without mortar) and in a staircase. This village is known among the villagers of the region to the city of Uriman, and they believe that the village is once a large city with a special center and therefore it is considered as the bed or center (governorate) of the Uraman area. The specific situation of the village in terms of architecture, as well as special ceremonies (annual ceremonies of Pirhslayari), and the presence of the tomb and the mosque of Pir Shaliar, and especially the population and the number of significant settlements, indicate its importance in the past.

Various views have been raised about the origin of the naming of Hooraman that have not been verified linguistically. For example, in the Orami language, Hoor means cloud and cloud meaning and the general concept of where the clouds come from. Another term, the Oraman or Horaman, describes the two parts of Ahura and Mann, meaning home, land, and land, and interprets it as the Ahoora land and the position of Ahura Mazda. Hur in the Avesta means the sun. Hooraman can be called the place of the sun.

The area is more mountainous, with its vast and deep valleys and countless rivers. The waters of these springs and rivers are based on the two rivers Sirvan and Layla, which are joined at a point known as Dorelah near the border between Iran and Iraq. Among these springs can be referred to as the Springs Bell, which is 3000 to 4000 liters per second in its most abundant water and flows to Cirvan, and on the other hand, the river from which it is based, is the shortest river in the world.

A typical village in Oraman with bridges
However, a large part of the Oraman region is made up of high and high mountains. But at lower elevations there are somewhat widespread, denser forests on the slopes of these mountains. The forest cover of this area is much larger than that of the Zagros Mountains than the oak trees. Other trees such as almond and hawthorn are also found to be remarkable. These forests have long been the source of winter fuel supplies to the locals.

The architecture of Oramanat is perfectly aligned with the mountain and is based on the construction of the stone and in the form of dry China, and houses in the villages of the region, due to the steep slope of the rocky slopes are stairs. Houses are in most cases built in two floors and vary according to the livelihood of the spaces of houses, and houses of gardeners, farmers, livestock growers are more or less different. In many cases, the ground floor is dedicated to the storage of flocks and barns. The main residential space is located on the upper floor and consists of different sections.

dashti Vocal music

The song is composed of songs and instruments of the passion machine, also called the song of the shepherd. Plain singing generally has two domains of income and height. The variability of the observed score in the plain is considered to be an important feature of the song. Typical variations in plain singing are so great that many vocal techniques and musical instruments are used in corners. The song of the plain, though sad and dirty, is still very subtle and elegant. Although the plain singing today is popular among the people of Gilan, and the corners such as Dilman and Gilaki belong to the northern part of Iran, the principle of the vocal of the plain belongs to the plain area in the south of the country. The grief of grief of time, groaning, and romantic glories are in a delicate statement of sensory state and plain singing. Bidagani, Dilman, Shepherd, Sad, Masnavi, Gilaki, Gothic Bark and ... are from the beautiful corners of the plain singing. We hear many enduring musical compositions and musical compositions of Iran in a beautiful plain, and many composers have composed their compositions in this song. An Iranian poetry by Professor Ruhollah Khaleghi is an example of these lasting works in plain singing.

Kong, hormozgan ,Iran

The port of Kong and its surroundings are in the suburbs of Bandar Lengeh. There are several mosques and shops in the Kong, most of the Kang are followers of the Imam Shafa'i, and speak Persian, but their writings are in Arabic and they are letters and documents In Arabic.
The port of Kong has facilities for electricians, plumbers, banks, mosques, water storage facilities (ponds), primary schools for girls and boys.
Suburbs: A vast region of the central part of Bandar Lengeh city in Hormozgan province, south of Iran. The center of the suburbs is the Port of Kong, a port on the seafront, which ships are either side by side or anchored to take off or load their boat.

Kong history
In the old days, the city of Kong was one of the most important centers of the Portuguese government, when the Portuguese dominated the Persian Gulf and the region, they built an anchorage in the Kang, with their large ships hanging around, and also built a great castle that was the seat of their command. The remains of the castle remain on the seafront, when the water drains the waters around the remains of the fortress, but when the sea water is tidal, a large part of the castle appears, the fort in front of the people of Kong is known as the Portuguese fortress.

The population of the city of Kong, according to the Population and Housing Census, was 14894 in 2006.

The way to the castle of Lashkan
The story is from the Portuguese castle to the castle of Lashtan, which is located above the wells of the well. The underground part of this way, like the tunnel, and from the Kong to the Castle of Lashtan, especially during the war and the passion, was also stored in this way. And for those who were fortunate in the Castle of Lashtan.

Kong Muggle
In the old days in the port of Kong, there were 30 large ships under the auspices of the prominent patrons of the sea, with long seafaring trips to India, Africa, Basra, Mumbasa, and Mohamereh, and merchants such as Palma, Alvard, Almastiki, Jowz, And Luz, Sajda, took to India and Africa and Mombasa, and from there, they brought timber and textiles to the port of Kong.
Sometimes, these ships flew to an area called Qurman at the head of the Qeshm Island, and then they continued their journey after a while, stopped, and then went to repair their ships.

Pond sea
Outside of the city of Kong, there is a very large water reservoir (pond) called the "Sea of ​​Dreams of the State", due to the unimaginable magnitude of the "Sea of ​​Government" pond, due to the size of this pond only half-roof And its ceiling is not perfect, like other ponds with full ceilings. The old Kang houses are made of stones and gypsum, and there are overhead bubbles above them, especially the business houses that used to live in the port of Kong.

Damghan Haj Ali Gholi Khan desert , semnan , iran

Haj Ali Gholi is located in Semnan province. Haj Ali Gholi desert with a total area of ​​2391 square kilometers, located in the south-east of Damghan city. This desert from the south is limited to the mountains of the state of Diyar, the mountains of the mountains and the Turkmen Geder from the southwest to the mountains of Kuh 5 and Sokh, from the west to the village of Eupat from the north to the desert of Damghan and from the east to Mount Ahvnd. The slope of this desert is southwest and is between 1050 and 1094 meters above sea level.

The two main rivers of the desert, both of which originate from the Alborz Mountains, are Damghan River, which has a large conifer on the northwest margin of this desert, and the other is the Hassan Abad River that enters the desert from the northeastern margin. This river has a valley at a depth of 5 meters inside the desert. In addition, the two rivers enter the other rivers from the southwest and east to the desert, which are less water than the main rivers and generally dry in the early summer.

The main problems that were fed directly to the flood water directly and with the floods in the past include:
Rudbar Damghan, which is currently erected on that dam. Rudbar Tazar and Mesil Shahrud, which originate from the Maghine heights, and in the past have been flowing continuously to this hole, but for many years this is alive only during heavy rainfall and the flood. Of course, there are some other small pockets to this hole.

To be
Damghan desert has different desert levels, ie alluvial coniferous, clayey, wetland and dandelion. This desert can be divided into 3 parts. The first part, which consists of 47% of the desert, is a type of flat plate of clay or insole, and the second part is wet or swampy, covering an area of ​​about 34% of the desert surface, and finally a central desert farm, with an area of ​​about 19 Desert level is%.

Insoles pages

The total surface of the clay plates is 1124 square kilometers and is adjacent to the desert margin. The texture of these sedimentary compositions is sandy clay, which is very hard in dry conditions and is very licking in winter and spring. These dry seasoning pages, especially in the northern part of the desert, have not evolved well enough because of the flatness and toughness of the excavation.

Soak area

The wetland or permanent swamp basically surrounds the central saltwater grove and covers an area of ​​about 801 square kilometers. So that only in the summer can be distinguished from the two insoles and marshes. The wet area is much warmer than the forehead and seasonally covered with water.


The lowest section of the desert has an area of ​​466 square kilometers and is planted asymmetrically and plate-shaped on the southwest margin of the desert. About 60% of the surface of this salt is covered with clear floors. The average diameter of this multi-axis is 125 meters. Each of these large polygons is made up of smaller facets. There are several other wet soils in the eastern and western waters of the saltwater. From the deserts close to this area, you can find the Desert Peak in the distance of 60 kilometers east and the Desert Desert (Great Desert) at a distance of 100 kiloceters in the south.

Way to enter the area
The first route from Shahrood to teachers - and then the dirt road to the Bear Mountain that passes through the south of the desert.
The second route is Damghan Road to the teachers - and then the Death Road to the Bear Mountain.

The best route to Damghan's path to the roadside police teachers is the Khourgan village, the village of Messiahabad and the salt mine road.

Saint Stepanos Monastery , tabriz , iran

St. Stephen's Church of East Azerbaijan is the most important Armenian church in the country after the Church of God (in West Azerbaijan) and is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The church, also called the Church of the Valley of the Sham, is located 26 kilometers west of Jolfa, in the village of Qezel Vankak (Red Monastery) near the village of Sham Valley, from the village of Aras, Maku. All external walls, roofs, dome legs, domes, columns and church bell tower have been carved with white stones and pink. Its exterior has motifs and arches separated by columns. Architecture and decorations inside the church are the masterpieces of the eighth and ninth centuries.

There are three churches in the Valley of the Sham in the Church of St. Stephen. The villages of the Sham Valley were active until the Safavid period, and the Armenians in these villages were agricultural and animal husbandry, but after their displacement into the Iranian plateau by Shah Abbas Safavi, the villages of the dormitories were vacated. These three churches include the Holy See Church, Holy Virgin Church and the Church of the Shepherds.

The Holy Sepulcher is one of seven people whose inauguration was carried out by the apostles of Jesus Christ (AS) and became missionaries of Christianity. The Jews of Jerusalem accused him of arresting Stepanos and stoning him on December 26, 36, in an offense against the Jewish law.

Since this sacred place is located in a lush green area, during the holidays and warm seasons, it embraces a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.


How to be lucky

Ali and Sarah were looking for a house for some time, but they did not see where they were or were not expensive or expensive. On Thursday, after a day, they stumbled at the traffic jams next to a construction site. As they were sweating and immediately waiting for the opening of the road, a man dressed in a car window shouted: "Excuse me, look for you at home?" The climbers parked in the car traffic and walked along with the man. It turned out that what they thought was the construction site is actually a small and beautiful house being under construction. Unusual but beautiful and with a spirit. Exactly what they wanted. Wonderful!

Many may say that Ali and Sara had a chance: the man came to them in a timely manner. But they agreed to buy unusual houses. That is, their open vision made a strange moment to become lucky.

People who can identify and use opportunities differ from others. They welcome the paths that life opens up to them, and therefore they see the probabilities that others pass through. If things do not go according to their expectations, they will despair and quickly go to the next position. That's why people are happier and more likely to reach their goals.

Psychologists are also trying to figure out why some people seem to face extraordinary situations every day, and others, as Saadi says, "try and not be fortunate enough"? Their comments can help us to be happy.

1. Look for luck everywhere
Luck is difficult to study. However, scientists have noticed that luck plays a huge role in love and work. In this world, we play the role of colored balls in the turntable to play the role of knitting the handle. Some people are very good with this truth of life.

A Maryland University's St. Mary's College psychology professor, Elizabeth Nutt Williams, discovered that luck in shaping the career path of the 13 women she studied was a very significant factor. Women who used the incident were decent, self-assured, and risk averse. There were also many friends who supported them. A further study, conducted at the University of North Carolina State University in an interview with 42 engineers, showed that job information is usually provided to people through unlikely resources and unexpected situations.

Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University and author of the "Factor of Luck", has been studying for a decade on people's imagination for their luck. His findings show that those who consider themselves lucky are more "personality outsourcing" agents.

This means that the probability of good coincidence is more because they meet a lot of new people and have a lot of friends and acquaintances. The rating of these lucky people is higher in "openness and acceptability" and is lower in neuroticism, the tendency to experience negative emotional states such as anxiety, anger, guilty feelings and depression.

Weisman did another experiment: he had two identical luck situations (some money that landed on the ground and arranged a deal with a businessman who had a lot of communication) in the direction of two different people: one who allegedly was a bad person and one person Who said that things always go well for him. Adam, "lucky", immediately spotted the money on the ground and put it in his pocket, then he entered the conversation with the businessman, who had been appointed in a coffee shop. The woman "unlucky" did not see the money and crossed it. Then he drank coffee without having to trade a word with that businessman.

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2. Put yourself in the best of luck

Unexpected odds smiles at people who have a more personal approach to life. So people have set their own long-term goals, but they are not much concerned about details. For example, instead of deciding to be the best brain surgeon in Milad Hospital in Tehran, they promise to be their doctor and save lives. They determine the final destination and know that there are many different ways to reach that destination. This requires the sudden change of life as well as cognitive and behavioral flexibility.

Anyone who holds his mind open with this thought to run in the park, maybe the new friend finds a new or livelihood partner. The person closing his mind only sees other runners. Weisman recommends: "Do not classify people and situations before. Wait and see what will happen. "According to Saeb Tabrizi:" Wherever it is fortunate, this is Heaven ".

You can increase your likelihood of having a great network of friends and acquaintances. These days, the best opportunities come online, try to connect to the Internet. A Case Study: A marketing specialist, Shell Horwitz, at LinkedIn found out that he wanted a speaker at a conference in Davos, Switzerland, and accepted the job.

Cognitive flexibility can also be fostered. Try to increase your mental flexibility by thinking about a topic from different angles. Perhaps you believe that mortgage borrowers are not eligible for government grants. If this is the case, try to find 10 reasons to deny your belief.

In addition, you can learn how to work more flexibly. Flexible people have a different reaction to non-flexible people than the same stimuli. These people may come up with different ways to get to their place of work, or go to new and distant places to drink a cup of coffee instead of going to their favorite cafeteria every day to order "the same". Searching for new territories naturally raises your luck.

"To do different things," says Ben Fletcher, a psychologist at the University of Hertford. Even you do not even need to deal with your goals. Read your neighbor's newspaper, change your seat on the subway or watch a new television program. Breaking behavioral habits can facilitate the change in mental habits that has prevented your progress so far.

Fletcher says: "Even a small shift can completely change a person's life."

Try to be positive if you want to trap the opportunities that you miss every day. Researchers from the University of Toronto have recently proven optimism about the benefits of looking at the world behind the glasses. They find that happy people get more visual information, while bad guys do not notice much about them.

In particular, anxiety limits human vision. When a person is at a potential risk, he loses many useful, but potentially useful, information. Another test: Some people were told that they would be given a huge financial reward for looking at the exact spot on the computer screen. Then, other points appeared at random times at the sides of the page, but the participants did not see them. The more you look at the focus, the less you see.

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3. Do not get too hard
Strict duty and luck, their juices do not go down in an atmosphere. "Task is doing what you need to do and stay in it," Carol Sansone, professor of psychology at the University of Utah, says. The problem here is that tasked people insist on their duty, even if there is a good reason for this Do not have to. This shows why these people can "get hard". Adam, when he concentrates his full potential on an approach, does not see the unexpected paths - but more directly - towards success. As Hafez says: "It's easy to seize things on the face of hard work, to the hard working people."

Weisman arranged another experiment: this time, the participants asked to count the number of paragraphs in a newspaper. That newspaper had 43 paragraphs and most people managed to find them within minutes. But in fact, this should not take more than a few seconds; it was enough to pay attention to the great typing words on the second page of the newspaper: "You do not see it yet, this newspaper has 43 paragraphs" or they could even win $ 250! Because a half-page message in the newspaper was included in this topic: "Do not tell another, tell the instructor to see this message and get a $ 250 prize." The participants did not notice any of these messages. But when Weisman again asked them to look at the newspaper to see if there was something unusual, they all immediately saw both messages.

Sometimes we must allow ourselves to divert our focus from the task that has been given to us. Let's get rid of the hidden opportunities. So even if you're involved in completing a project, start chatting with your colleagues and get a glimpse of your favorite links on the web. "Yes, you may not be able to do the job within the deadline, but instead you will find a better understanding of the subject," Sanson says. If you allow yourself a little flexibility during the process, you can earn more in the long run. "

The higher the age goes, the harder it is to grab good situations; not because opportunities change, but because we change ourselves. "Todd Kashdan, a psychologist at George Mason University and author of" Curious? "Says:" Teenagers and young people who are 20 years old are more open minded because they are still discovering themselves. As the age goes up, our thinking takes on a more regular shape.

For example, we say to ourselves: "Forty years have passed, I should not play football anymore." But who said that the ball is not suitable for a forty-year-old? We create these dry rules and we will permanently eliminate all opportunities for change. "

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4. Tell the chance "yes"
Now that you've got yourself lucky under the rain, what should you do if you have a lucky spot in your home? If you are like most people, you will immediately get involved in two opposing feelings: chastity and anxiety. Curious about the new job position, but hundreds of reasons for not accepting it and sticking to the current job will parade in your mind.

"Now what kind of instinct will you follow?" You have built up a model for yourself based on which you will make this choice. "That's why some people's life seems to be full of good situations, while others have long been reluctant to do their job. have.

Reza was admitted to one of the best colleges in Canada but did not go: "I wanted to ship in Iran at your professional and national level. But after my morale on officework was over, my regret started. Why do you study and live in Canada to be shipboard? "

Mary offered a great job offer in one of the cities in Khorasan province to stay with his family in Sanandaj: "For the last 30 years, and I still think that if I had accepted the job, how different is it now?"

People with unbelievable chances are more likely to do new things than others. Instead of thinking what bad things might happen, these people say to themselves: "No, no? Do not hurt to give a test. "So take your heart to the sea and go ahead. According to Forough: "Yes, it is the beginning of love, although the end of the road is unlucky"

Good results increase self-esteem; that is, the belief that you are able to reach whatever you want. In addition, your appetite increases for future risks. Jon Olson's first chance at age 13 turned him over. She volunteered on a recreational trip to sit on the plane apart from the rest: "I ended up in the first part. The coolest thing was to see my friend's face, that one by one passed me to get their seats in the normal part. "Olson later jumped out of the opportunity for another opportunity - for example, buying a failed bankrupt business for $ 20 and a soda box - herself From a shop floor to the executive director of several e-commerce sites: "If I have an opportunity, I will usually follow it. It's as if I'm living in an eternal fantasy world. "

Most often we listen to the endless brain of our brain. The words that tell us that we do not have enough work or are not so good that we can open a conversation with a woman dressed in red. Worst of all, sometimes our loved ones make things worse. "My mom did not go to gymnastics," says Roshanak, who now works at the bank. Saying that you break your hand and pato and get defective. The girl who went to my place told the team that Kamela's safety features and my doctor are always on the job. "

Remember that our mind - and our mothers - are not always telling their truth. Understand your concerns, but follow your instincts, and do not expect 100% confidence. "If we want to wait until all bad emotions disappear, we will never go anywhere," says Kashand.

If you really are not sure about your decision, ask yourself: What is the worst possible thing to happen? And what is the probability of that terrible outcome? Or, for example, use another tactic: Think about which work you will be more likely to regret in the future. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychologist at the University of California at Riverside and author of How to Happen, says: "Sometimes, what you do has a short-term cost: you may lose resources or time, or exercise stress. In fact, like going to a party with new people. Adam does not really want to go, so he's anxious. But then it is very fun and you see a lot of new people. It's a short-term payback to make a long-term profit. Hold the gap.

There is no doubt that all the situations are not happy at last. Nancy clashed her nomination with "a superb boy" to become an opera singer, but failed: "Saddam apparently is not powerful enough."

But he was, like most people, with an unexpected lucky person.

A theater critic suggested to him to try the comedy pop: "This offer is very pleased. I went to one of the experimental comedy programs and got an account. I liked it a lot. "He later became a psychiatrist and, despite being proud of his achievements, recognizes that" Always a corner of my mind thinks that if I had married the same girl and a few kids and a big house I was in the suburbs, how was it. "

The lives of people like this are always great and no regrets. Fletcher says: "The most successful traders have also failed in their work. The key point is that they are looking for opportunities and not allowing one or two failures to stop them. "

But independent of the good or bad result, the use of unexpected odds has many benefits. At the very least, we will be happier by introducing diversity into life. New research by Liubomyrsky suggests that life satisfaction in the long run and in the short term increases deliberately to do different things every day.

In addition, going to different situations - talking with strangers in the queue, picking up a magazine and reading it or jumping into a store that took our eyes - adds something new to our lives, which in turn can really make the growth of the new brain tissue And reduce the acceleration of the process of dementia due to age.

Sometimes we also have the age of courage to do things that we did not dare to do at a young age. Vivian Hutcheson made colorful masks. He was invited to submit his work to a Hollywood film studio: "I was very worried about what the outcome was. I am a cinema artist? Should I live in Los Angeles? I never sent my work. "Vivin regretted for years to leave this position. But after getting a bachelor's degree, he noticed that he did not want to spend his life in the laboratory at all, and returned to the work of art: "I opened a shop and a workshop for me and I really am trying to make money out of art." He now has an online store. It's called Etsy.com, which works with millions of potential customers around the world. An option that did not exist at all.

How to think positively; 100 exercises that make you feel good

Perhaps most of us do not really know how to think positively and enjoy our lives with all the problems we have in life. Contrary to the notion of most people, positive thinking and enjoyment of life have little to do with environmental and material factors. You only feel happiness and enjoy life so you can look at things in every situation with a positive view. Your attitude depends only on yourself, and no other factor can make you feel pessimistic. In this article, you will become familiar with 100 positive thinking exercises that can be useful in any circumstances.

Sometimes, even the best medications and care do not guarantee physical and mental health. Positive thinking exercises can be very helpful in combating disease or coping with big changes in life. In this article, we bring 100 effective exercises to help you turn destructive and negative thoughts into happy, active and positive thoughts.

General details
1. Use only positive words when speaking
If you constantly say to yourself "I can not", you are convinced that you are really incapacitated. Tell yourself you are doing well, or at least do your best.

2. Take away negative thoughts
Do not let negative thoughts and hurt feelings when your mood is weak. Just think of yourself for only a few hours a day and just focus on the pros of your life.

3. Use words that awaken you to feel power and success
Try to express your thoughts with words that make you feel power and joy and feel that your life is under your control. Try to focus on positive words rather than words that you feel are defective or ineffective.

4. Use inspirational sentences and positive phrases
One of the most popular exercises of positive thinking, the repetition of sentences is a positive affirmation. That is, at regular intervals, repeat yourself with a positive phrase like "I am desperate for happiness," or "I have the value to love." Believing in the correctness of these phrases and reminding them of yourself makes you a more positive view of life.

5. Guide your thoughts
Psychologists use this method a lot. When you feel weak or anxious, this will help you gain control over your thoughts. Think of a happy dream, create a positive mental image, or show positive reactions to external factors to control bad feelings.

6. Do not doubt self-confidence and success are interdependent
Nothing, as long as you "believe in yourselves", succeeds. If you are supposed to doubt something, you will doubt your negative thoughts and weaknesses and believe that you will succeed in achieving all your goals.

7. Analyze past mistakes
Positive thinking does not mean denying your mistakes. Instead, take a moment to think about the issues that have brought you to your current situation, so avoid future mistakes and have a more positive attitude towards the future.

8. Trust yourself
Most of the time, when we feel disappointed, rather than focusing on the work we've done right now, we focus on the issues and mistakes we make. Even if you've broken some of the work, trust yourself for the work you've done so well.

9. Forgive yourself

Do not constantly change your self for your past mistakes. Tell yourself that you have forgotten your mistakes and then abandon them.

10. Learn from the past
You've passed the past, no matter how bad it is, you can not change it. Whenever you feel that negative thoughts have come to you in the past, replace them with positive thoughts about the future.

11. Remember things could be worse
No matter what the bad situation is, things could get worse. Be thankful for all the good things you have in life, even if you think that the negative aspects of your life are more than the pros.

12. Look at your current situation as an opportunity
Sometimes even issues that seem to be negative in our lives give us opportunities to become stronger, and if we were not in that condition, we would not be resistant to pressures. Perhaps losing your job is an opportunity to start your own business or continue to study.

13. Give ideas to turn negative thoughts to positive
If you think that you should do the work in a different way, take your mind, try to change your thoughts, and instead trust what you have done. Remember, you are not perfect, you can do better next time.

14. Work on your imagination
Visualizing what you want to do or the person you want to have is a good stimulus to drive you to those goals and make you feel more positive about the path you need to go.

15. Think about ways to make your dreams come true

Naturally, the next step is to think how you want to reach the position you see yourself in. Your thoughts do not come with imagination. Then plan an application to reach your goal by taking small steps over time.

16. Practice your Phenomic
Phenotypic mood creates a state of consciousness in which the mind is curable in that state, which makes it easier to accept positive suggestions. Phenotypic fetishism makes it possible for you to be happier, more hopeful and healthier in your life.

17. Write down the reasons you are seeing your desires
If you hardly believe that you will get the promotion you want or your book will be published, instead of concentrating on the reasons that reinforce your suspicion, sit down and list a list of reasons that you will come up with.

at work place
The workplace is usually a stressful environment, to counter stress in the workplace, use these ideas and methods to focus more on the half-cup.

18. Criticize Yourself
To be critical of yourself and yourself, not only does not help your development, it also spoils your mood. Criticize yourself for your learning and development.

19. the Imagine success

Sometimes, when you imagine, you have successfully completed a project, or promoted the promotion you wanted, and feel better than your current position.

20. Sit flat
Kicking in a chair does not make you feel better about the problem that harms you. If you sit flat on the chair, you'll find that you can think better.

21. Put positive images in sight
Turn your desk into your joyful place. Make a positive and relaxing environment on your desk by placing your happy images or reminding you of your goals.

22. Keep your calm down and do not stop you
Sometimes the best way to cope with problems is to keep calm and let things go along. Remember, most of the time, problems look bigger than their real size, so stay calm and do not have a lot of stress.

23. Look at things from another angle
Try changing your thinking pattern by changing your viewing angle. It helps you to see your mistakes when confronting colleagues, boss and others, and understand why others are upset.

24. Track your thoughts
Whenever you find that negative thoughts have come to your mind, try to go back straight away. You might find a pattern and find ways to change your perspective on yourself and your negative situations.

25. Do not sit there
Perhaps you made a mistake in the past; the mistake comes to everyone. Do not make mistakes. Reconcile with yourself and focus on new goals.

26. Do not be your worst critic
No one like you can awaken your annoying emotions. Stop harsh criticism and think about your abilities when you feel at their worst.

27. Look at your problems wisely
It's easy to lose yourself after a small mistake at work. Try to step back and look again at the situation. You would probably find that what you thought was a big issue, in fact, is not so important.

28. Believe yourself

Want promotion? Want a bank account? Self-confidence helps them to come to their senses.

29. Avoid coexistence with your coworkers
Nothing disrupts the positive mood as far as colleagues who see everything negative and complain about everything. Avoid talking to those who know only to make you feel worse.

30. Deeply believe in your best
If you are distressed and continually looking for failures in your work, it's likely that this attitude will actually weaken your performance. If you think you are good at your work, it's likely that you will be working hard and showing good performance.

31. Look for an opportunity to make up for your failures
Every failure has a chance to recover. Assign a time to think of ways to turn the obstacles ahead into a path to progress in your career.

Personal and family life
If you want to stay in touch with yourself or family problems, try these positive thinking practices.

32. Socialize with positive people

Positive thinking is contagious, then fill your surroundings with friends and acquaintances who see half the glass.

33. Be happy that your life is not boring
If you did not get any good or bad things, your life would be bored. Consider each occurrence as a challenge, and find a way to entertain and engage yourself in life.

34. Have a great view
Parking costs hurt your mind? Will this annoy you again next week? How about next month? Learn from issues that do not really matter.

35. Leave the past and your bad memories
So why not focus on the future of the future? If you feel that you are racing past the past, then consciously try to direct your thoughts to another direction.

36. Get energy from other people's good behaviors
Do you have a friend who always has the role of gelofen and with his behaviors give you a special peace? Encourage those around you who have positive behaviors and can do something better than ever before in your life.

37 Say it
It does not matter what you choose. Choose the notes you want to live with them and repeat them every day. It reminds you every day of being positive and accepting whatever life is about to come.

38 Find someone for dreadlocks
It is healing to know that you are not alone. Share your negative emotions with a friend, family member or even a professional psychologist. You will feel better when you have someone who can talk freely with him and take the unlucky tricks out of your hand.

39 Love you
If you want to feel better, do something good for someone you care about. In this way, you will feel good on the good side and you will also create another person's day.

40 Get into yourselves
One way you can remind yourself of the benefits of living is to be discouraged. Have a chance to relax with a box of chocolate, a text or a new video game.

41 Remind yourself of the blessings you have
If you have a good family, good friends, or even just food to eat, remember these days to yourself, even if you feel little favors.

42 Be thankful

We should be grateful for the many blessings given to us. Thank you for making your life better and happier so you can get positive energy.

43 Remind the positive features of those you love
Making someone else feel good about yourself strengthens your relationships and gives you an excuse to focus on positive thoughts instead of negative things.

44 Do not blame
There is no water bill, you can get angry and fight with your spouse or your home, take steps to solve the problem, and work together to resolve the problem.

45 Be playful
Nothing changes your mind or spirit as much as playing and drawing your baby inside.

Relax and fun
Do not spend your free time on negative emotions or past events. With the help of these tips, change your thoughts from negative to positive.

46 Read inspirational book

If you can not find incentives in your life, just try to motivate someone else to read the book, and raise your mood.

47 Watch your favorite comedy movie
Watching the movie or your favorite episode to strengthen your mood is a strong and immediate stimulus. After watching it, you laugh and forget everything that ruined your mind.

48 You do not have to always be in the news stream
News is usually full of uncomfortable information. If you do not have a good time, do not follow the news tonight and do a delightful job instead.

49 Have physical activity
Do not overlook the benefits of sports. Exercise makes hormones that enhance your mood. Play, play, or just walk around your neighborhood to make you better.

50 Listen to cheerful music
Music has a great influence on morale. Listen to the music you hear when you're driving in the car and when you're at home, and listen to it loudly.

51. Watch the discipline of your thoughts
Do you think negative thoughts are discarded when you sit down and think? When you're relaxing, see your brain exploration and learn to move your thoughts to happier memories.

52. Have activities that match your goals
If you're thinking about weight loss, do not cook the cookie the weekend, it will tempt you to overcome your low-calorie diet. Take a walk instead, play tennis with your friends, be active and drain your energy.

53. Focus on breathing
Whenever you feel that your problems are so heavy and you can not cope with them, try to focus only on your own breathing. It will calm you down, it will overcome some of your concerns and will allow you to see more positive factors in your life.

54. Pay attention to the hobbies that you have in life
You may spend 40 hours a week sitting at the table and working hard, but at the same time, be sure to have things in your life that are fun and enjoyable, pay attention to them. When you have a good mood, spend time thinking of new and exciting entertainment.

55. Explore the world around you

Give your adventure a chance to express your inspiration from negative emotions. Go to parts of the city you've never been to, have a day trip at a factory near your home, or visit some of the places where you have memories, to spend some time to revive your memories.

56. Be excited
Even if you have to do a terrible workout on Saturday, try to find the excuse for excitement. Even a small excuse can have a great impact on your emotions and how to spend your day.

57. Find an excuse to laugh
If there's not a problem for laughs throughout the day, think of things that always make you laugh. When you are laughing, it's hard to think negatively.

58. Count on anger and discomfort until you are completely calm down
For all of us, it has come to be so angry, upset and frustrated that we feel we want to blow up. For easier calming, try to leave one of your body parts free of rage by counting each number. In the end, you are completely calm and you can think logically.

59. Give time to meditation
The benefits of meditation are great, positive reinforcement of one of them. Meditation removes a lot of troublesome negative energy by cleansing your mind and calming down.

60. Think about 100 things you enjoy doing

Do you feel your life is a big monster? Sit down and make a list of the things that they do for you to enjoy. You may even think of the pleasure of doing little things like taking a shower of warm water or walking in the snow. Your life is not bad at all.

61. Create something
Negative scenarios often make you feel very angry. One way to deal with this malicious feeling is to create instead of ruin. Paint or design, create new curtains, make replicas or even puzzle puzzles.

62. Imagine yourself in a happy place
Visualization is a powerful tool that you can use to make yourself aware of the situations in which you feel uncomfortable and smile. Just close your eyes and imagine everything that gives you the best feeling.

Facing Challenges
Everyone has to face challenges in their lives from time to time. These challenges may be great personal goals or unpredictable events. These tips will help you with the smile of challenges.

63. Pretend you have reached your goal so that this happens
One way to cope with the challenge is to make yourself self-confident and happy. This feeling may not be true at first, but over time you will feel really happy and maybe even closer to your goal.

64. Believe me that you will soon get better
People with a disease may be frightened and disappointed. Having these feelings does not help improve the condition. Focus on recovery and live every moment as if you were being treated shortly.

65. Know the obstacles they want to challenge you
On the path to success, you sometimes encounter obstacles, but you must understand that these barriers should not necessarily stop what you want to do, perhaps only because of what you want to make sure.

66. Imagine yourself with the weight you want
Losing weight is even greater challenge for the most determined person. Imagine yourself with your desired weight. This is a great stimulus to keep you on the path to success.

67. Start with small steps
Working on a large goal at once can be annoying and sometimes disappointing. Go for step by step and divide your final goal into small parts to achieve it.

68. Do not give up

Surrender is usually an easy choice to get rid of a difficult situation. No matter how negative it was, never stop looking for what you really want. If you do not give up now, thank you in the future.

69. Do not expect change to be easy
No one has ever said that making a big change in your life is easy, or overcoming barriers like eating, is not supposed to be. Do not let the mistakes cause you to lose confidence and take negative solutions.

70. See the half full glass
Hope in hopelessness, so hope in every situation. When you are sad and surrounded by problems, try to find the half-cup and focus on it to get out of turmoil.

71. Remember, there are no permanent conditions
Even if you are caught up with the loss of one of your loved ones, remember that you will feel better over time. You may always be sad for this lack, but with time it will be easier to bear it. Remember everyday that the bad conditions are fleeting.

72. Deeply believe you will succeed
If you want to succeed to succeed, you will believe that you will succeed. This mindset gives you the confidence and confidence you need to make a change.

73. Change the face
The world is constantly changing so you and your associates change as much. Reconcile with these changes and understand that changes are not always the end of happiness, but merely a different event.

74. You need a strong will to advance
The challenges of life can break you in and make you look at the world with pessimism glasses, or they can pull out a power that you have never known from your own, and they can grow. Choose the second one, it's never too late.

75. Facing negative thoughts

Sometimes the best way to cope with negative life issues is to face them. Achieving a result or at least trying to achieve it will make you feel better than any situation.

76. Focus on finding a solution
Do not immerse yourself in problems. Instead, try to find a solution to the problem. In this case, you will feel active and have your life under control.

77. Do not let the shortcomings stop you
On the way to reaching any goal, you will encounter restrictions that will force you to retreat. Do not allow these restrictions to prevent you from reaching your ultimate goal.

78. Keep yourself in the right direction
Maybe it's easy to be weak at the moment and get out of the way to the goal. Do not let this weakness take your best position because otherwise you will surely regret it. Set reminders for yourself to keep your mentality up and go according to the plan.

Everyday approaches
If you really want to change your point of view about life, try to implement these methods to change the worldview and how you approach your problems.

79. See the beauties

Taking time to watch the beauties that engage you, even when you are in the worst of your spirits, instantly transforms you from within and raises your spirits.

80. Know your thoughts are not your boss
It is safe to be what you are thinking of. Stop knowing this fact whenever negative thoughts come to your mind.

81. Spend some time to find what you really want
Whenever you feel you have negative feelings about what you have not done, give time to think about how much you really want them to be. Finding something you really care about will help you recognize the bad feelings of your true desire.

82. See good ones
Sometimes we become so involved with the bad ones that are on our path that we forget to be grateful for good things. Sit back and think of all the good things that have come down to you throughout the day, even the small things you do not miss.

83. Excite all the possibilities
Everything may happen tomorrow. Even among the worst, there are many things that can help you grow up. Do not be afraid of the future and be excited for the things that are waiting for you.

84. Believe the world is a good place
If you only look at the world when you look at the world, it will not be worthwhile. Believe the world is a good place to find good things in your life.

85. Stop the excuse
Everyone always has millions of excuses for not doing anything, even if doing it makes him happier. Do not stop your path of happiness and throw away crippling pretexts.

86. Do not play the role of the victim
Bad things happen to everybody from time to time. To make yourself self-confident and to compromise others does not make matters worse. Compose yourself and try to have a brighter future.

87. Do not put your future in the hands of someone else
You are the only one who needs to shape your future, remember this and take control of your life events.

88. Be careful your goals are realistic
Naturally, you will be disappointed if your goals are so large that you can not reach them as hard as you can. Choose smaller or more realistic goals to experience victory instead of feeling defeated every day.

89. Choose happiness
Every day, when you wake up, you have two choices: happy or miserable. Choose happiness to make life much more enjoyable.

90. Believe me you can change
All people do not like some of their features, and this sometimes makes them feel bad about themselves. Once you believe that you can change these features, you will find ways to change them.

91. Get started sooner
Want to make a positive change in your life? Get started now. Getting back every opportunity gives you enough time to excuse you, so start as soon as possible.

92. Believe me you deserve good things
Do you believe in luck? Do you think there really is a chance? If you really do not believe in good things in life, good things are not going to get you a lot. Believe me, you have a lucky value to be lucky.

93. Do not let your negative thoughts control you
Momentum is intrusive and annoying, to the point that it can make you lose control of all aspects of your life and do not feel happy. Stop negative thoughts and take control of your feelings.

94. smile

Sometimes everything you need to have a good sense of smile is a smile. Practice even if you do not feel a good mood.

95. Take control of your decisions
Even when you feel you do not have the right choice, you are the one who decides how your life will go. Take control of your decisions and decide to be happier and more positive.

96. Transmit positive energy
Some people believe that "you can handle any bad hand" so stop the negative energy transfer and have a more positive attitude. Whether or not this proverb is correct, you will feel better with this action.

97. Get away from your life
The control of the good and bad that comes into your life is at your fingertips, you choose which one to enter. Every time it was possible for you to throw away the bad things that came into your life.

98. Get used to thinking positively

Practice positive thinking to the times Do not restrict your grace. Turn it into work every day, when you have a good mood and when you have a bad mood.

99. Identify why you want the things you are upset who did not meet what you wanted to live in a moment, sit down and find the real reasons you want. You might conclude that you did not care about them as much as you thought.

100. Problems with a fresh look At times, the best thing to do is to let go of the problem, sleep, and the next day, when you are not feeling sentimental, try again to check the problem.

Impact and power of words; how to use the power of words to advance our goals?

The words are, strangely enough, the most powerful force available to mankind. Man can use the power of words in the direction of construction, or use it for destruction. With energy and energy, words can heal the wounds, prevent things from happening, make others feel humiliating, and vice versa humble. Whether in internal speeches, or in communication with others, words can be an unstoppable obstacle or obstacle for us. Think for a moment; what do you say to yourself and others? What are the most commonly used words in your speeches? What is the dominant belief that accompanies these words to yourself and others? If you believe in the power of words, caring for internal and external speeches will be obvious.

Power of words
Gary Chapman, in his book, "Love; a Way to Live", used words to describe the metaphor of Enlightenment: words or bullets or seeds. If we send the words to them with a feeling of self-reproach and condemnation to others, or if we shoot a bullet of destructive words to them in a reactive way, the result will be for the hard-hearted and destructive listener.

Instead, if we express ourselves in a positive way, instead of reacting, regardless of where we are, by controlling power and conforming to the principles of morality, then we will place words like seeds filled with a sense of protection and good intentions on the ground. The words like this can give a colorful smile and give it a new life.

Be responsible for the words you use
The words have the power to heal and excel, and when they are honest and truthful, your words can even transform lives. Think of your conversations: Your words have encouraged people to move toward their goals, support people with words, and relieve the suffering of others; the words have raised your children, inspired them and inspired them. The words, too, have not even been deliberately corrupted, stopped, deadlocked, have thrown off the earth and brought about a healthy environment and death.

To speak, to have principles; always say the truth, avoid overexciteing, contradictory speech or speaking with double standards; do not use your words to deceive and play others; and most importantly, use words to insult or humiliate Do not use anyone. One of the clearest signs of moral life is good speech. The key to human excellence is to strive for perfection. At all times, our Word needs to bring peace and kindness to our person.

Take care of your words

Many people talk about their thoughts, thoughts, or thoughts they think. They drain their mental content randomly, without observing the principle of usefulness. When we talk about vulgar issues, such as what happens in absenteeism, our focus is on matters that are not important. Do not forget that the power of words is more than worth it to spend on useless things.

What we associate with our own words and the other must be accompanied by respect, respect, mercy, encouragement and humility. Awareness of the moment we are at the moment and the importance of having what we say is of key importance to the situation. Power words change everything. Stomp up before speaking any word, and think of that word and its way of expressing it, as you consider the effect of your word on the listener or listener. Talk to all kind people and use words that lead to inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement as a guide to guidance. Well-worded words, like the music, will listen to the ears of the listeners.

When we want to speak honestly about another difficult, honestly speaking with another, we must focus on the conversation with a keen interest. During the conversation, we must be patient with patience, talk with decency, and tell the truth as we understand it. In the conversation, we have to put words, reliance and tone of voice, eyes, body language, and movements into honest exchanges with our inner consciousness in the same direction.

Power of words on the subconscious
To revolutionize your world, you need to think at all levels. You must expose all the negative thoughts and speech that you have with yourself and replace it with more positive words. Words play an important role in your thoughts and one of the most difficult and most difficult levels to drive negative energies and get your wrists during negative speeches.

Your thoughts that appear in the form of internal speech will directly affect your subconscious mind. The unconscious has a powerful way of controlling your choices and way of life, and of course this part of your inspiration inspires the words and signs that you give it. If your words are too negative, your unconscious power absorbs that negative energy and creates a world that reflects the same energy.

In contrast, in the face of positive words, your subconscious mind moves you towards the point where it brings you positive energy in your life. For example, the phrase "I'm great!" Activates the mental paths that help you get better. The word "excellent" means the meaning that your mind and body mobilize to achieve that meaning.

Positive inner speech
Positive inner speech is a vital step in achieving self esteem and an extraordinary strategy for success in change. Positive words are good for your health, positive inner speech:

Strengthens your confidence;
Makes you better
Eliminates stress;
Helps your heart and health.
Nevertheless, negative internal speech becomes so common in the context of internal dialogues that one is unaware of repeating it. You may not be even aware of this. Maybe it's time for you to carefully monitor your thoughts in the next 24 hours and see how you talk to yourself? What is your inner conversation?

Negative Internal Speech Recognition
Note that it may not be easy to trace negative patterns in internal speech; you have lived with them for many years, and many of these patterns are used unconsciously. In order to convert the inner subconscious speech into semi-conscious speech, you first need to listen to yourself. Listen to yourself as you listen to someone in a conversation; this helps you become more aware of your inner speaking process. After conversing with others, rebuild the conversation in your mind, focusing more on the structure of what you have said than the general meaning of your talk. Ask yourself these questions:

What words did I use?
Why did I use that vocabulary?
What emotions do those words and phrases mean?
Is the nature of these words often positive or negative?
Assign a week to this exercise to listen to your internal and external speeches and the words you use, and check them out. You can record your own voice in some conversations and listen to it later. During the conversation revelation week, use the most widely used phrases; it means the words and combinations that appear to be used in each conversation. Find these repeated phrases and categorize them in two categories: Positive and Negative. For example: "This is great!" Is a positive phrase and "It's a problem!" Is a negative phrase.

At this point, be careful that any negative phrase that makes it a habit for you can be problematic. These negative phrases open their way to all conversations, both internally and with others. You have used them so permanently that you were not aware of them. Of all this, what makes the negative phrases so deadly is the fact that the essence of such expressions is "self-made." If these negative phrases include you, you create unwanted destruction in your life. If this phrase is about someone else, you can impose this destruction on the reality of their lives by inducing a negative belief in that person.

Negative internal speech change

Do not forget that you can and can influence the lives of others to a certain extent. In the stories, we read a story of the playful children of a school who, with the repeated attribution of the symptoms of the disease to their teacher, assured him that he was ill. Dissuasion of negative words to others can prevent their progress, or even worse, accelerate the occurrence of negative projected positions in their lives.

What is the job now? Once you find negative words in your speeches, you must change them. For example, instead of "Facing the Problem!" Say: "We face a challenge!" Problems are painful and difficult to overcome. Instead, the challenges are fun, and so it's easier to win. When you're having a problem, you're gonna be sober. But on the server overcoming the challenges, Hooray rejoiced. Another example is the negative phrase "he is sick." This can be replaced by the positive phrase "he is not happy." The patient phrase implies an unpleasant and unpredictable situation, while the condition of not being good indicates that the person usually has It is good, but it is already bored.

look! By replacing positive words, how you can use the power of words to guide your subconscious, the unconscious pronouns your thoughts and words. Perhaps changing words in the outer world seems insignificant, but the world inside you (and, consequently, your thoughts and actions) will be greatly influenced by this transformation and will change into the outside world.

The most important point is to note that the subconscious does not understand in any way the negativity of verbs. As an example, for the unconscious, the phrase "I am not confused" is equivalent to saying "I am confused." The word that attracts the mind is "confused" and it gives you the same word on the path to realizing your world of thought and action. The best way to express the confusion is to say: "I do not think transparent today." Using this more positive expression, the word is "transparent" that penetrates into your mind and forms the path of crystallization in your life.

Of course, you do not need to overdo it at once! Give the main focus to negative words and phrases. If you say one by one: "It's bad!" No tangible change can be made. But using ten times or more each day of such a reliance on negative words can help guide you through your actions.

A "awful" recipe affects your life. By replacing words and phrases with positive words, the power of words comes to your aid so you can make the right side of your life positive. Over time, the process of influencing the power of positive words with the same acceleration and the power of the negative words that you used to get replaced in your life. Negative: confused; positive; my thoughts are not transparent. Negative: I am not. Positive: Today is not sweat. I'm not tired. I'm tired. ; Positive: I need to rest. Negative: You are a neglected person. Positive: A different person. Neutral: It's late again. Positive: I wish I could get pregnant. Negative. Hate. Positive. I do not like it. Negative: It's a broken. Positive. This failure. This was a bad thing; positive: This is inappropriate; these are just some examples that are in a better way. Have been fixed. There are terms that you and only you are using. You have to discover them yourself, the goal is to keep track of all your words. Every day, more energy is spent on the physical survival of your body. However, the mind uses this energy to adapt your life to the needs that you have, the frequent use of words that do not help you create your own reality is wasting your valuable power. While the unobtrusive use of neutral phrases is much better than the malicious results generated by the use of negative words, it is best to take the power of words in a productive way. For this reason, if you find the meaningless terminology that you use constantly, you should replace it with a meaningful and positive phrase or silence instead of expressing it, the advantage of silence is that it does not waste energy. Keep in mind that despite Increasing your awareness of your inner and outer speeches, the process of exploration and examination never ends, and it is sometimes necessary to use this mental home. They can return to your life as quickly as you can with negative words. Must use every day and every moment to discover self and personal growth. Learning how to use word power is just one of the paths for this growth.

Take your inner critic

Look at your inner critic's voice like negative speeches. Writing intrinsically negative negatives that are critical is a necessary step to eliminate this malicious habit.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I talk to my best friend?

How about the person I love?

Can I change the situations that have been so annoying?

What are the results of saying such words and phrases that are negative to me?

Beware of your cursor inside. If this volume is too loud and out of control, it's time to silence it. An internal negative speech affects your self-esteem, your lifestyle, your energy levels, relationships, and even your health.

As you leave, any other bad habit must commit and decide to stop internal criticism. To put aside internal negative thoughts, you need to spend time, sustainability, attention and power. Because these speeches are rooted so deeply into ourselves that they become our secondary nature. Once you've discovered them, it's time to refrain from repeating them and replace them with more positive speeches. Awareness alone is the key to change.

The mind is like a land, if you use powerful and positive grains, your whole life will flourish. Do you want to plant flowers or weed? Words have power. Use them properly.


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